Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dr. Phil's Pedogate Banned From Broadcast, Reruns, YouTube

Why? Why would you ban this?

Trump isn't making any busts on this and there is no end of busts that could be made purely on the information that people have now. You could arrest a thousand people a day for a year and sentence them all to life in prison and barely make a dent in this problem.

Still waiting on that Jimmy Savile investigation to yield some real results. Notice how that just blew over? Prince Charles was best friends with Jimmy Savile for 20 years. Bet you Charles has never even been asked.

I recommend reading "Young Goodman Brown" to prepare yourself for the real world when you are younger. There's the place that others pretend the world is - then there is the real place.

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Sam said...

"...Trump isn't making any busts on this..."

I don't think this is true. He is making lots of bust but he's not publicizing it a lot and the press doesn't want to cover it anyways. I fully admit that my faith in Trump gets less and less every day but it's not over yet at all. There is some hope that he is taking the low level bust, there's been a lot of them, and using it for evidence at the top. He could be talking to this person on TV. Some of the problems he has doing this is the FBI has a lot of corruption in it. Who does he trust? If he tips off the wrong agents then the whole bust is ruined.

It's very confusing because at the large Macro level it looks liked he's completely sold out and is possibly being blackmailed due to the instant switch but at the micro level they're still busting people, the aliens are being removed, a lot of good stuff is happening. Could he be trying to fake out the Jews at the top while maneuvering his people in? It's hard to tell. I will say that in one year we will know for sure. I think that if he hasn't done much on trade in one year then he's being blackmailed. The simple reason for this is he's been complaining about trade since the 80's. I can see no reason he would change his mind unless he was being threatened somehow.

I'm also very, very, very concerned he hasn't moved on 9-11. It's obviously a false flag. Maybe he is but if he isn't careful it's a guaranteed death sentence. If I was him I would go public with it then be guarded by special forces and move around a lot never going in the White house.
If you look Putin had some of the same problems. Putin's advantage was he was KGB and had muscle back up that he knew he could trust. Trump has almost no one he can trust.