Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donald Trump Stopped Making Any Sense At All

Content to put out an arrest warrant for Assange.

I just don't think that Donald is real anymore. At all. About anything.

I thought I was too cynical to believe Trump possible. I should have stuck with the cynicism.

Hillary would have been worse. She had a lot planned immediately after she got it. The FEMA boxcars would be packed by this summer.

That civil defense program was wasted on Sweden. Very shortly, they will have no need of it because they will no longer exist. Don't you wish you could get that trillion dollars worth of shelter equipment to use in your own refuge? What a waste of money. The Swedish got overrun while they were sleeping. It's Greater Somali Land now. Maybe the Somalis will find a use for it because clearly the Swedish people didn't care much about it.

Obviously Trump's handlers were engineering his message to be what people desperately needed to hear. As soon as he was in office, it all went right out the window, business as usual.

Don't be demoralized, Vault Dwellers. It's what they want. Keep packing it, you got time to get it together.

Taxpayers get bupkis, the government isn't spending that money on their security.

Right after my game comes out I am getting CD-OS out in open source. It still needs a lot of work but I will have to wait until after I get Grimoire released.


Ave said...


Ryan David G said...

Tex, did you ever watch Kenneth Clark's 1969 series 'Civilisation'? I'm guessing you have, but I just watched the first episode (after watching the whole thing many years ago when I was probably too young to fully appreciate it) and his descriptions of the decline of civilisations and the fall of Greece and Rome made me think of this blog. Scary stuff, told in refined yet blunt tones which one is unlikely to find in modern "history" programs, but very relevant to what we're seeing today.

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styrac1 said...

Indeed the more someone sounds like a mind-controlled slave of the Jews, the less sense he makes.

styrac1 said...

I hear there is an organ traffic jam in Tel Aviv...the liver lane is not moving...but the foreskin one goes fast.

bicebicebice said...

Swedes can only respond to natural disasters "OMG The Weather!!1 etc (not the daily ones involving ooga boogas mind you), the waves of migrations from sweden over the centuries/millenia have eroded the Nobility completely, everyone here is a fucking retard. I did read what you wrote on the Basques again and they look like Scandis, like a Western Europe in miniature really.

The generation that built what we got now (I got a state of the art bombshelter literally 2-3M below my computer desk), and also tore it down in a sense, are rotting away at old folks home getting enriched by their petards they so desperately wanted to import, as demonstrated by the article. Tip of the ice berg. Only a retard would build up a Kingdom then tear it down willingly. Hit or miss The people.
I think Scandinavia is a prison peninsula where they hosted the retards of the white race so to speak, and still do with a few misfits thrown into the mix for good measure. And now, every retard of every race.



Sam said...

It becomes more and more difficult to see him as anything but a first class traitor. The only salvation I can see is that he's seems to be going after the sex traffickers big time. Major bust.(That's literally the only thing I can see he's doing right.) Also Jeff Sessions, who is not corrupt, is sticking by him and seems to still count on him. If Sessions ever quits you'll know the die is cast. The only possibility for salvation is that he's going after the low level child traffickers and working his way up to the top. He could use surveillance to get to the top except he can't trust any of the NSA or FBI. They're riddled with kiddie rapers so he can only slowly work his way up the ladder. This is a really weak argument though as building #7 and 9-11 are definitive proof that the whole system is corrupt. He could cancel the security clearances of all the CIA, NSA, etc., fire the top 10% of all security agencies and then use special forces and hiding his where abouts while he went after the rest but he's not doing that. If he really is on the citizens side he will have to have it out with the deep State. The whole military and the Intelligence agencies are not corrupt. They are mostly following orders of the Satan worshipers at the top. I bet you could knock off 10K devil worshipers in the US and Europe and wipe out the large mass of the conspiracy to kill us all.

The situation is getting really desperate. I'm expecting a nuke in some city as a false flag. The problem is what will that do? Some of the press is "pretending" that the Chinese grouping of troops on the NK border is to take out Kim. O believe it's to attack if we attack NK. If we attack NK the Chinese I assume will attack all our ships and carrier groups. I doubt there's anything we could do about it. They have subs that while not globally the best are super quite for the short range in the China sea and around NK where they are needed.

It makes you wonder if the whole thing was not a put on on the first place. Hillary passing out was just too good. Maybe she was i on it. I notice she's not being prosecuted for ungodly illegal goings on. The whole situation is very frightening.

I have said before that I think it's possible that the reason Empires fall apart is that psychopaths take a certain amount of time to work their way to the top of a society and when they do the society rapidly comes unglued as the psychopaths are simultaneously ruthless, aggressive and so sure of themselves they make huge mistakes by misunderstanding human motivation. We're seeing that in action.

Ave said...

Artificial womb breakthrough :

If this is true then the technology is far more advanced than what I thought.

This is the decisive apocalypse enabler.

The PTB will have no qualms at exterminating "rooting out" any existing populations with their weird genes and the history they accumulated and passed through from generation to generation.

Aftert eh Earth has been "cleansed" (terminology actually used by those creeps) then they'll grow slave fetuses like lettuces.

Those slaves will be glued to their screens (actually, more invasive technologies will be possible) and never be able to reach independent thought (if they ever do, their thought patterns will be monitored by their Smartphone/whatever and they will quietly die in their sleep).

Robotics still can't beat the economics of human slave labor. Instead of megafactories all you'll need are some tubes, ziploc bags and some old smartphone. Robots are for outer space.

Ave said...

More detailed articvle about the artificial womb here :

John Deer said...

I think you'll get a big kick out of this, Tex

Sam said...

Something to add to the artificial womb.

So this means, with a little more work, you don't need Women to have children. You could get cell samples from a Women and make egg cells, fertilize with sperm and raise in artificial wombs. I bet you also could genetically engineer a animal to carry the hormones needed to bring human babies to term in the animals. Say a cow or whatever.

If this eventually happens it will kill Feminism which is ultimately based on Women being the gatekeepers to childbearing.