Saturday, April 22, 2017

Depopulate, Decimate, Exterminate

It's no fun unless it is in plain view.

It lets them off the hook as well. They figure, if we announce our plans in plain view and carry them out in plain view, don't people deserve to be exterminated if they are too dumb to see what is done right in front of them? Doesn't that give us the right to end them? If they were worth preserving they'd at least notice their own destruction underway. This is the way they see it and in their psychotic frame of reference they feel that all will be forgiven having revealed everything in advance. They feel they will be blameless when the deed is done because of it.


Ave said...

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Something good to have on hand might be a good quantity of Lypo-Spheric vitimin C that's a "liposomal encapsulated vitamin C". You can make this stuff yourself but the packaged product is probably of a better quality. If I wanted to save my life I would use it. It's dirt cheap if you want make it yourself after you have the ultrasonic cleaner.

Sam said...

I don't trust Gates. I think he's a hidden Jew.

Why is he talking about this? What does he have to add to this discussion?

I'm not sure but wasn't there some talk about Ebola's last outbreak being near his vaccine centers in Africa? Didn't an African doctor tell people to stay away from these people?

I could see him being the kind of guy that thinks anyone not making him money shouldn't be allowed to live. Only the "productive" as he sees it.

bicebicebice said...

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What stupidity. Aren't the vaccinated children protected by the vaccines? If not what was the use for taking them in the first place?