Saturday, April 22, 2017

Buchanan : Too Little, Too Late

Buchanan has seen his ideas victorious and the nation destroyed

Buchanan's mild vision for reform was too radical as recently as 20 years ago when it could have mattered.

Nations die at the 10th generation. Perhaps Byzantium was the exception but the modern West is no Byzantium.


Ibn Nafis said...

Tex look at this retard

Ave said...

Given how unpopular they still are around the world, indeed many Jews would like to believe that Neanderthal stuff.

Except they are not an ethnic or genetic group, they're humans from all around the world who converted.

That said, I would like to know the story behind the phimosis gene. Phimosis ( ) is the reason why circumcision came to existence in the first place.

Sam said...

I believe that too. You can call it retarded all you want but if you do so be prepared to defend that statement with links and data to prove it so. I believe there's much more evidence for that than the idea that introverts or aspies are Neanderthals. I know Tex believes this but everyone can make mistakes and I think he's mistaken this. Asperger syndrome happens quite frequently when two Whites have kids and both are...pardon the expression, nerds and being a nerd doen't have necessarily anything to do with being a Neanderthal. Here’s a site with Eric Hufschmid’s pages on Neanderthal looking people. A lot of them are Jews. Start with page #1.

Tex says the Jews are a Neanderthal/Melonhead cross but I see little evidence for that. On the contrary there's a great deal of evidence that the Jews are a Neanderthal mix. It would readily explain their extreme hatred for Whites as we're the ones that pushed them out of Europe into the Caucasus and middle eastern mountainous terrains.

Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau's Empire?,_Willis/Barnes_2006-2010/Willis_A._Carto_2010_05-06_TBR;_Revenge_of_the_Neanderthal.html

Edward said...

Or because Jews are descendants of Neanderthals, who happen to be often a couple of SD smarter than you, and don't really hate you so much as want to keep you spinning your wheels and safely under their control, because they think they know best how to run things, as often they actually do.. and it also often makes them rich and you poor I guess.

Gary said...

Buchanan said:

“We must not trade in our sovereignty for a cushioned seat at the head table of anybody’s new world order!”

That day lies ahead. It'll fool most, as socialism (as we know it) will appear to have failed and been ejected.
The alt-right will be celebrating victory.
But that's when every country on the planet will clamour to sign up to a new all-powerful UN.
Run by China and the Russians (and da jooooboyz).
Welcome to plantation earth. Nowhere to hide.
The US is the last solid Christian country they need to take down. Korea will align too of course, and Syria.
End days, one would hope Jehovah will say enough is enough.

Texas Arcane said...


Almost no hebrews.

Converted Berbers and Khazars. Work backwards from there and like me you will know where they came from.

They almost certainly have some Neanderthal but do you have any idea of how different the Basque people are from Ashkenaz? Opposite ends of the genetic spectrum.

Ibn Nafis said...


Converted Berbers ? So where do berbers come from ? Because I am one myself so that would be interesting for me to know. I would say we berbers have some Neanderthal but we have a lot of Cro-Mag too. A mix. I am red-haired but brown-eyed so that would confirm what I am saying. Koanic too said I am a Thal-Cro-Mag Hybrid and hesitated between saying I am MM or MT meaning I have some melonhead too. Basically when God created me he just threw in everything he found and it created some horrible weird berber crossbreed.

I said that the idea of Jews descending from Neanderthals is retarded because I thought that the fact that Jews are melonheads was a settled idea. I think Jews have a lot of red-haired people too but I guess they got it from melonheads, not neanderthals. Israel has a lot of technology, maybe that indicates some Neanderthal. However to make those they collaborated with Europe and America, especially "Lockheed Martin" so they are too stupid to do it themselves, they need their slaves to do it for them.

Ibn Nafis said...


"Or because Jews are descendants of Neanderthals, who happen to be often a couple of SD smarter than you"

If you are talking about Neanderthals, of course they were a couple of SD smarter than me.
If you are talking about Jews, of course they are a couple of SD smarter than me, but in verbal intelligence. Anyways even if they are a couple of SD smarter than me, like you say, then so be it.

"and it also often makes them rich and you poor I guess."

Muslim reports from 'Abdullaah ibn 'Amr (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said "The poor of the Muhajireen will enter Paradise forty years ahead of the rich". (Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh, 2/663, no. 5235)

Ibn Nafis said...


Yeah I see what you think a Neanderthal looks like. You think a Neanderthal looks like the guy on the right in the web page you gave.

Basically you think Neanderthals looked like baboons.

So according to you and Wikipedia, this is a Neanderthal skull:

But according to Texas Arcane, and I agree with him, those skulls and those conceptions of Neanderthals are bullshit made up by anthropologists.

I am gonna show you a real neanderthal skull.

This is a real Neanderthal skull.
Let me take a random blog post by Tex to give you an example.

"Huge forehead to hold a huge brain. " This is what a Neanderthal looked like. However I think the subject is a bit confusing and I need to search more about what they looked like. Because according to Koanic, a huge forehead is Cro-Mag.

So we've got people saying Thals had a small forehead and looked like baboons on one side, and we've got people saying Thals had big foreheads with big brains. I think I have seen somewhere that when Cro-Mag entered the Neanderthal lands, cold temperatures there made them grow some brain mass, so maybe this is why Cro-Mag means big forehead, and Neanderthals means big forehead. This is a bit confusing so I will need to research more about it.

I will repeat it again, I said it's retarded because I thought the fact that Jews were melonheads was a settled idea on this blog. However yes, maybe Jews have some thal.

nfoe said...

Eye Color: A Key to Human and Animal Behavior
By Morgan Worthy

"The emerging pattern of associations between eye color and behavior is consistent and may be summarized as follows: Dark-eyed animals, human and nonhuman, specialize in behaviors that require sensitivity, speed and reactive responses; light-eyed animals, human and nonhuman, specialize in behaviors that require hesitation, inhibition, and self-paced responses.
The specific facts pointing to this conclusion will be discussed and documented in some detail …"

nfoe said...

Roger Dommergue - Interview 3-4 - on the Jews

Edward said...

Well personally, I seem to be both half Basque and half Ashkenazi, they might be genetic opposites but sometimes they do interbreed, so a bit of the best and worst of both perhaps, and I'm not sure which part is which.

Sam said...

Edward said,"...and don't really hate you..."

If so they sure have a funny way of showing it.

This has worked out well for them but will it in the future? The prime advantage the Jews have is inter-group cohesion and ignorance of just how evil they are. They also have used the lack of information between areas and control of what information is passed on to pretend to be the aggrieved party in any interaction with others. That's breaking down. Lots more people realize they're just a tribe of psychopathic parasites.

The FED and their other controlled banks have just about run their course due to, as planned, compound interest. Sure they have the SDR but will they be able to pull this off? The peasants are already pissed. If they pull a run on the world economy might be a lot of dead bodies will follow and they won't all be the goy. The primary tools the Jews use to stay on top is not intelligence, it's audacity. The problem is that every time they run their scam they're playing high stakes poker not chess as they would have you believe. If they lose then they're wiped out. All their chips are gone and the game is over. Maybe they can kill everyone off without being killed themselves but I think it's unlikely.

Texas Arcane said...


August Picard, melonhead scientist. Different flavours of thinkers from Neanderthal. Both have contributed to scientific advancement but the Neanderthal is very good at putting innovative ideas to practical uses. I believe the Sumerian ruling class were a cross-breed of both. The Sumerians fled slave revolts to land in Khazaria.

nfoe said...


Sam said...

I don't agree with Tex or you that the girls at the top of this page are representative of Neanderthals.

I believe that Neanderthals have a large back and slanted forehead. They look like what you typically see Jews being caricatured as. Obviously this is an exaggeration as are some of the pictures in the earlier link but the basic idea stands. Many of the Jews in Jewish organizations that are most aggressive look very much like the picture below.

I understand completely Tex's Amud Neanderthal and don't necessarily disagree but still believe that they have a less straight forehead. Here's what I call Cro-Mag but a smart one. Maybe Tex would call him melonhead. Andrew Jackson. Lots of smart Cro-Mags have this type head. Straight face, high straight forehead. Auguste Piccard, that Tex linked, looks somewhat like this but has a much more prominent bulge on the front top of the head.

Tex says that Jews are Melonheads crossed with Amud Neanderthals. I'm not sure that's correct or not. I do see Jews that look more like Neanderthals tend to be the most aggressive, violent and psychopathic. That's why I see Jews as Neanderthals. I can't go back in time and tell exactly what happened but I can look at what I see and I see psychopathic, violent, scheming Jews look a lot like what they say Neanderthals looked like. So you either believe what a bunch of people say or what you see with your own eyes. I go with what I see.

Here's what I believe about Atlantis. See this video at about 53:10 and listen for a minute or so and he tells you what happened. The whole video is GREAT. Enormous data compression in this video covering all kinds of stuff.

Joe Rogan Experience #725 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

All their other videos on Joe Rogan are good too. The ones I know about.


I don't subscribe to sacred geometry. Not saying there's not special places just that I'm not so sure certain geometries have special meaning. I also believe that the smooth section of the pyramids were built with geopolymers a kind of concrete that's sort of like polymers in that it has a bunch of repeating units that are aluminum and silicon based instead of carbon. Most of the pyramids were rough cut stone but the outer shell and most of the top were geopolymer concrete.

This might interest some as they mentioned Rene so I looked him up and he's interesting. I'm reading his book of compiled articles from MENSA.

Rene Last Skeptic of Science Final NWO Illuminati Freemasons

The "NWO Illuminati Freemasons" is meaningless someone just added it in to catch search engines. I found the pdf was ok to read the epub was a little scrambled.

Sam said...

I want to clarify. Some of the links I gave were exaggerated to show the "tendency". The were not necessarily actual.

"...So we've got people saying Thals had a small forehead and looked like baboons on one side, and we've got people saying Thals had big foreheads with big brains..."

"Slanted foreheads". They are further back so if you take the mass of Cro-Mag and slant it back you get Neanderthal. Viewed on a piece of graph paper it could be considered smaller but actually it's not there at all as the facial structure is not as straight. The below picture is accurate.

I think a lot of Melonheads were killed off by the same diseases that the Indians in the New World were killed by. There's lots of Melonhead graves that seem to be hastily done in Peru. It's a crime they haven't been properly investigated. If I had the money I would be all on this. Supposedly the limited work done shows the mtDNA to be entirely different from present humans. Is that true? It's hard to say but I have seen a baby Melonhead mummy from Peru and it's head was formed the same way that the older Melonheads so it doesn't seem to be from binding as people wrongly say.

Texas Arcane said...


You should have no trouble finding Basque women who have just such a head. If you have ever seen Basque women, they are the most beautiful women in all of Europe. Neither they nor Basque men look anything like the rickets cave troll offered by Boule.

Texas Arcane said...


Notice that all Basque women look vaguely "jewish," but jewish women look nothing like the Basque. Use your critical reasoning skills and ask yourself why this is.

This story may be a little deeper and more complex than a Stormfront flyer. Like it or not, white nationalists generally aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree. This is not a judgement on their politics, it's a judgement on them. They tend to be simpleminded and less curious than most of the white geniuses they are always bragging about belonging to the same gene pool as. It's very telling that ultimately, nobody hates white savants more than white people themselves. It's almost like they are an alien implant in their midst.

Sam said...

"...This story may be a little deeper and more complex than a Stormfront flyer. Like it or not, white nationalists generally aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree. This is not a judgement on their politics, it's a judgement on them. They tend to be simpleminded and less curious than most of the white geniuses..."

If this is directed at me it's not called for. I don't claim to be a genius, not even close but to say I'm simpleminded and less curious is far off the mark. For some reason when anyone disagrees with you on anything you say you attack them the same way that a "global warming" fanatic would do. I've been reading your site since close to when you put it up. I agree with you on most things but not some. I'm certainly not your enemy so you shouldn't treat me as such if I disagree with you on some points. After all the providence of humans is in NO WAY a settled matter. It's also true that it's highly possible that the research done has been either tainted or is propagandized to seem to be other than what it really is. I gave links to Bradley's page. He says the research that says on average 4% of all out of Africa population share some Neanderthal is likely a subtle lie. In that the majority of that Neanderthal population is ALL in the middle east and almost none in Europeans and Asians. Of course if you add them all together you get 4%. Tricky. He said he talked to one of the researchers assistants and the assistant would not confirm this but gave hints that that was the case. Also they will not release raw data. Now given this information, which may be a lie, and given what I know about Jews then I believe mostly what is said by anyone who's not a toady of the Jews. I also believe what I see with my own eyes and you stereotypical hook nosed Jew looks like a Neanderthal. Remember the old saying are you going to believe me or your lying eyes. I believe my lying eyes.

As for Stormfront I agree with a lot of what they say because it's correct. It may very well be that Stormfront is run by the Jews to push the issue a little more than seems reasonable to discredit people who know what the Jews are like. In the past this was a good strategy but I think it no longer works as there's plenty of evidence that the Jews are every bit as bad as Stormfronts worst hack article and maybe worse. Also linking me to Stormfront is an effort to somehow say basically I'm a foolish Redneck. Well I don't care. I go by what I see and can reason through information I have. This kind of "shaming" is really far less effective today. I know it for what it is and I'm not going to change my mind because people call me names. The equivalent of saying I have cooties.

I also notice when I say that the Jews look like Neanderthals and that they act like a tribe of psychopaths people call me a constant stream of names but they never seem to post anything at all that negates what I say. Just name calling. To me this doesn't inspire confidence in their position because if I'm a buffoon then it should be easy to prove me wrong.

Ted Walther said...

@Sam Glad you found Rene's book Last Skeptic. It is truly great. The scan is terrible; maybe I should scan my copy in. I'll talk to the current copyright holder first. Really, it should be up on the website.

Anyhow, Atlantis. The explanation is simple once you know about the "Days of Peleg" and the expanding earth. Check out Neal Adam's videos on expanding earth. Bible mentions (but doesn't describe) a worldwide event known as the "days of Peleg" when the earth was divided. This was after the Great Flood, but was just as catastrophic. Mountains were pushed up, oceans created. Earth's diameter doubled. Expanding earth fleshes out the "Days of Peleg" in the Bible, which is also tied in with the Tower of Babel story, about mankind being scattered.

So, Atlantis. When the earth expanded and the Atlantic ocean was created, those caught on the African/European side would have seen Atlantis sink beneath the waves... or rather, disappear over the horizon. In Mexico today, there are tons of place names that are linguistically the same as Atlantis; the Mexican name for "city" was a variant of Atlantis. Even the layout and design of cities in Mexico was similar to Plato's description. Now add in a couple thousand years for the story to acquire some distortions before the Egyptian priests put their own spin on it while telling it to Plato, and you have our current version of the Atlantis story.

Texas Arcane said...


My comment was not directed at you. I didn't know that's what your politics were.

I mean it when I say in my fifty years, I have seen that no other race hates it's own bright people like whites themselves. How on earth can they claim in the next breath that intelligence is indigenous to them and especially how can they claim it originates in cannibal savages like Cro-Magnons who left a trail of bones of men across Europe like zombies? That doesn't make any sense. The Cro-Magnon camps have no art, no music, no burials, no shelter construction, no sign of any permanence, no weapons more complex than spears? Since they left so little trace of themselves, how could they possibly have developed intelligence compared to the Neanderthals they genocided?

If 90% of whites hate intelligence or abstract reasoning of any kind, how can they claim they produced it from a gene pool that abhors it? Makes no sense.

nfoe said...

Maybe hate is not determined by the gene pool alone. Quickness, aggression, intelligence, devotion, courage and so on are hereditary in many mammals, but are they all produced by the same genes? Or the same endocrines?

nfoe said...

Maybe hate is not determined by the gene pool alone. Quickness, aggression, intelligence, devotion, courage and so on are hereditary in many mammals, but are they all produced by the same genes? Or the same endocrines?

Sam said...

"My comment was not directed at you. I didn't know that's what your politics were..."

I've become a WN because I don't see any other way that Whites can survive. We're being crowded out of every space. I didn't used to be but the violence directed at us if we don't control our own spaces will eventually do us in. The only way we can prevail is to act the same way everyone else does and be tribalist for our people and to always take the side of our own. This is seen to be the ultimate evil in the Jew controlled media but they don't seem to have any problems doing the same for their own.

I do think that it's likely places like Stormfront may be plants with a little truth but presented in such a way as to piss people off, [lots of ridiculous Nazi posing],and curtail any look at the behavior of the Jews. Doesn't mean that a good proportion of what they say is not grounded in reality. The parts that are real are then mixed with a leavening of lies to make the whole thing look ridiculous. Much like the sites on 9-11 saying the towers came down due to antimatter beams, lasers or mini-nukes.

"...I mean it when I say in my fifty years, I have seen that no other race hates it's own bright people like whites themselves..."

It's a good point and extremely stupid to behave this way. I wonder if this was always so or if it is related to THIS present society? I don't believe things were so much like this in the 50's in the US.

I don't see the Cro-Mags as building nothing. I see the Greeks, Romans, etc. being Cro-Mags and you can hardly say they built nothing. That we have deteriorated is fairly obvious. We went from builders to bullshitters. [have to add that the Romans chief claim to fame is that they were very organized at chopping people up and stealing their stuff] The guys who run things today seem to only want to dominate people. Is this because we as a whole have deteriorated or is it because the Jews run damn near everything and that's the only thing they value, hence that's who gets promoted? I don't know the answer to this and will probably never get one as no one will ask the questions or seek any answers to the question.

I think the psychopaths have taken more and more power over time and that's why things got worse and worse.

Texas Arcane said...


When you've gone right through this reasoning and come out the other side you will realize that ultimately people did it to themselves. The West has turned out three generations of incredibly stupid people. These people voted for Presidents who have no evidence of ever having held day jobs three elections in a row : Clinton, Bush and Obama. Who is dumb enough to get excited about candidates without any qualifications?

Every time a sane person has appeared, nearly every fool has turned out against him. For every Jewish person who hated Ron Paul, there were a thousand whites who despised him for the idea that maybe government is the problem instead of the solution. In the wild, how effective are super predators against healthy herds of animals? Completely ineffective. They are lucky to be able to catch the occasional senior or yearling without getting stomped beneath their hooves.

The herd is sick. It's full of cows that can barely open their eyes or move. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to any and all predators. The looting spree in the United States has had virtually no opposition of any kind from anyone. The basic assumption that financial institutions could just throw open the barn doors and steal everything is powered by a population so dumb they are unaware that these people were once restrained by the law.

I don't want you to think I am bitter but I think of a dozen college courses where politely tried to inject a little sense into and the entire class hissing at me like serpents and honestly it is hard for me to feel sorry for all of them. These people teach kids like me they are autistic and retarded right up to the time they graduate. We're taught we are defective. I just don't know how anybody is supposed to save people like that from themselves. It's not as personal as it sounds, I know many other good people motivated by selfless impulses have gotten far worse ... and that too is a much too much. At some point, you realize it is time to close the hatch lid and weld it shut from the inside. There's no saving or helping this lot. On the other hand, other people like me I am truly eager to help as soon as I can afford to devote myself to that task. I can't wait to start my YouTube channel and show other survivalists what I have been working on all this time. I don't want anybody but those kinds of people to watch my show, however. I don't want the masses of people to watch. Just the people who will work together you can help.

Sam said...

I've been reading Rene's book Last Skeptic. He's got a lot of errors in the book where he doesn't understand what he's talking about and his demeanor seems to be quite offensive to those that don't amuse his ideas.

Some of it does raise some interesting questions.