Monday, March 13, 2017

Vatican Prepared To Canonise Another "Saint"

A brutal despot who assisted in the debauched rape, mass murder and enslavement of the native Indian population of California.

I was raised to adore the saints as a Catholic instead of the living Son of God who gave his life to die on the cross to attain the forgiveness of sins for all men, Jesus Christ. Lucifer never needed to start his own church - he already had the Vatican. I was taught nothing but lies and more lies when I was little by these people - the worst sort of blasphemous heresies and grotesque distortions of Scripture that could be imagined. If there were any doubts left they all dressed in black so they were color-coded to immediately identify which side they were fighting for.

The first fifty years of my life I had to spend unlearning every single thing I was ever taught. Hopefully I will have another fifty years to study what I wasn't taught, the important stuff. Another 500 years on top of that and I may actually be able to tell the difference between my own ass and a hole in the ground.

P.S. I just realised that the Vatican is the ultimate organization of R-Types, parasitic vampires ... built on the bones and substance of the ultimate organization of K-Types, The Byzantine Empire. They have now survived as long on vampirism as Byzantium did in it's unique capacity to increase the sum total of human happiness. It has been over a thousand years of bloodsucking and they are rumoured to still have gold in their basements they looted from Constantinople.

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government will abuse all who tell truth said...

That is a great post! I am dumping the jehovah witnesses, not even close to the catholics, but still a cult. May they all be condemned to whatever curse they have placed on mankind.