Monday, March 20, 2017

The Oracle Says Grand Minimum

Every sign is there that this ain't no Maunder Minimum coming up.

Why do I say that? Some unfounded exaggeration? Wishful thinking? Stab in the dark? Nope. It's the result of more than 25 years of reading on this subject.

Even during the Little Ice Age, observations recorded of sunspot frequency described the Sun as "barely patched." This meant that looking through pinholes that monks and astronomers could see faint mottling on the Sun here and there. If the Sun had been as smooth as a baby's bottom they would have recorded it as such. Almost no such written descriptions can be found of the Sun as perfectly unblemished. Yet this was a period of extreme cold, famine, disease, war and migration.

If the Little Ice Age was this bad with very few sunspots, what can be expected in the next 20 years of a Sun that is increasingly so smooth it looks like something out of a cartoon? See where I get my crazy sandwich panel THE END IS NIGH vibe from?

There was a transformative moment in 2002 that changed this site from TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT into the VAULT-CO we all know and love today. It's the crux where I realized that a leaked real report compiled for President Bush about a coming Grand Minimum was spun by disinformation posthumously as some sort of "climate change" fallout by the Carbonazis. It suddenly hit me that the ruling classes were planning for a new Ice Age behind closed doors even as their useful tools in public were claiming the planet was "heating up." It is like that seminal moment in 1984 when Winston Smith holds two diametrically opposite press release stories in both hands at once and realizes nothing the government ever says is true. Hey, I thought ... I better beef up that silly blog of mine a little, this is really happening.


nfoe said...

I think that it might be possible to live in the the hot and horrible parts of the world if the sun goes to sleep. Like Australia. If the westerlies shift toward the equator, then some of that land will be more usable.

nfoe said...

Here’s an interesting, relevant, sidetrack. Look at the Eye of the Sahara. See the mountains to the north, the plain to the south, and the concentric circles of the hill in the sedimentary rock. Gentlemen, I give you …

Jeff Smith said...

Way back in the 1970's.....all the talk was about the coming Ice Age. Novelist wrote books, columnists wrote essays, and scientists wrote papers about this. The unprepared are truly screwed.