Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Atomic Blood Tattoo Program

This is so weird and disturbing that you have to read it for yourself because otherwise you wouldn't believe this stuff could have been proposed seriously.

Once the man in the street got wind of it, of course they batted it down in the court of public opinion very rapidly and plans were scrapped. This was intended to be a kind of widespread practice alongside assembly line vaccines for kids in the 1950's. The average person has enough good sense to know something was seriously wrong with the notion of branding children with their blood type so they could provide or receive blood transfusions after they dropped the bomb.

I read an essay by some guy a while back, can't remember where, who suggested this was part of the disinfo campaign to put people off civil defense programs by associating them with horrors like these. Once you could create associations between civil defense and cattle brands for kids you could begin to terminate all civil defense programs for the public with little opposition. Of course civil defense is in reality all about protecting children from the horrors of war, not subjecting them to horrors in peacetime.

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Ave said...

For once I don't agree. It's actually a sound idea, whether some weird Nazi wannabees are associated with that or not.

My grandmother experienced several aerial bombings in Germany during WW2 (surviving is often not a thing of badassery but a thing of statistics), she told me how chicken skin was grafted onto burn wounds for lack of anything else, and how one guy in particular had nascent feathers growing for quite a while until they finally found him a skin donor.

(People who went through that war always have some weird, disquieting stories like that, it's never about the "Saving Private Ryan" Hollywood stuff).

If you have serious reasons to believe the country is about to get bombed it makes complete sense to tattoo the blood group on the body if you want to receive the proper transfusion as rapidly as possible.

That said, I do believe is that these tattoos should be made on a voluntary basis only.

I would flat out refuse any compulsory marking. I myself have the Universal Donor blood group O NEG (yeah I know about the Neanderthal theory about that...) which makes me the Prom Queen for vampires and badly managed wartime transfusion centres.

If you watched the sick "Mad Max Fury Road" movie then you know what the cubicle dwellers who are its target audience are dreaming about : they want to do the same thing to me.