Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stealth Technology - State of the Art in 1975

China VS. Zombie Pilots!
In 2017 it is a flying turkey that China could blow out of the air a thousand times a minute without using more than a few cents of electricity. The Air War in World War III will be a drone war.

The United States continues to project itself as the most advanced nation in the world from the 1970's. A lot has happened since then but America has not been keeping up. In a nation where the majority of the population reads and writes at a 2nd grade level you'd expect progress on any front to be in very short supply.


Aeoli Pera said...

You might be interested...ESR has an essay on lasers creating no fly zones for all drones and manned aircraft in the first issue of Riding the Red Horse. I'm not comfortable with that technology but you can judge it for yourself.

nfoe said...

Tex, what do you think of this?

"Since 30 years American and Russian have rocket propelled torpedos. The Russian model is the "Sqwal" and the American one is called "Supercav". The drag in water is much more important that if air, gases. The Sqwal and the Supercav blow hot gas, provided but a secondary rocket. This gas is injected in the water juts in front. The heat of this gas transforms sea water into vapor. Then the torpedo can move in such a bubble of vapor at higher velocities, up to 1500 knots."

Dexter said...

If "stealth doesn't work" it raises the question of why China is building stealth aircraft...

cheddarman said...

I am sure all of those magical negro scientists i see on TV will think of something

Ave said...

A Cold War telephone exchange in Manchester

Very good job they did, with mobile concrete slabs etc. By looking from it from the outside you would never guess what's underneath. I did some research on Melbourne and found sites that looked just like that... from the outside. One of these days I'll post my findings on a dedicated blog, the thing is, it is wild speculation, and for the webbots, there is no separation between "anorak" guys and terrorists. Actual "anoraks" in the 70's would nowadays be at least guantanamized by the US and its allies.

This site, Atomica, has rare and often unique sources for the Cold War era and nuclear Civil Defense. If this one man had not made this one website I would not have known a lot of life-saving stuff.

Be a man like that Tex and release CD-OS already. Humankind needs you, because you're one of the few that has something to offer.

Flattered enough ? So move your buttocks and release the damn thing now.

Texas Arcane said...


I mean it when I say I am doing the best I can.

I think ordinary people spend the weekends having fun and enjoying their lives. I have not done that in decades. I spent all day Saturday working on my network (critical to test servers in groups communicating in real time via JSONP and Websockets) and all day Sunday (today) sitting in my living room with my laptop trying to finish the software required to administrate the hosts of CD-OS. I have tried to make it so simple and easy it is almost impossible for it not to work.

I am getting there but these things take time. It requires hard work to keep it simple and elegant and reliable.

Today I perfected the discovery functions in the browser, which use JSONP to actually PING server addresses and register their data manifests to tie them all together for message sharing. I spent at least half the day working on the simple hosts editing windows in the browser, which works off an ecology of JSONP AJAX, in-memory tables and messaging from multiple websocket connections made by the server at startup. Right now I have it where you can simply type in a static IP, press a PING button and if it exists get the manifest packet and add it to permanent network connections on the server.

CD-OS is powerful as a single server, but several of them auto-discovering and connecting to one another is incredible, it is miraculous to see. You can then surf your way around to them in the HTTP browser, subscribe and publish data. I even have a function where if you don't have a diagram referred to in a message you can download it in another JSONP call async and display it. So if you get an alarm "Fire in fuel room at Installation #4," you can get a diagram of the fuel room and where the suspected fire is at inside it on another browser by just clicking on the alarm icon.

Ave said...

I understand these things are not done in three fortnights. There is a lot of data gathering and feedback, and minor issues leading to complete redesigns. I've experienced things like this myself.

it is especially difficult when you're doing these things on your own, in relative secrecy, in your spare time, and with whatever surplus means that you can get from your life.

I know of another INTJ like you,and have had INTJs in my family.Their primary sin is Pride, because they get caught in overengineering and feature creep.

Simple tools are more complex to concevie than complicated ones, this is why I would advise to release an imperfect, hastily done one first. You know, with spaghetti code, incomplete features, one which is difficult to use etc.

The main feature of CD-OS would be to be available.