Saturday, March 11, 2017

Soft Kill Mulches 'Em Up, Hard Kill Finishes 'Em Off

Highest rate of vaccinations in the world has one of the highest rates of infant mortality

Think about this before you take your children to one of these butchers. They don't appear to be the least perturbed by this trend over the past twenty years. The United States has infant mortality rates that formerly were only seen in the third world.

This is really important to get out there because they are working on India now. Let the poor Indian people get the heads up before they start in on their kids with gusto.

Nothing but lies about Jack Wolfson. The CNN article linked to here is chock full of spelling and grammatical errors, looks like something from Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Do you trust people who read and write at a 2nd grade level to reassure you about "science?" Think about it. This Witch Trial ended all charges cleared after Dr. Wolfson brought reality into the court room as his defense.

All journalists are candidates for adult special needs programs. They are incredible morons.


bicebicebice said...

The next step is to make them addictive with a drip release of paycheck to next paycheck so you can shoot up every month, better make sure the protection hasn't worn off and it makes you feel good so why not do it?
In socialist Sweden, we even get our mercury-shots for free, courtesy of our socialist goobernment, very nice and thougtful of them, that way no one is to poor to di... I mean get healthy!

You heard it here first.

Phelps said...

The US infant mortality rate is misleading if you compare it to other countries because of the way the statistics are counted.

In most of the world, "stillbirth" is a very flexible term. Anything from "died shortly after birth" to "only lasted a week" counts as stillborn in most country's statistics -- and stillborns don't count against infant mortality. (This is done particularly in states with melonhead controlled medicine like Japan, China, and France.)

In the US, if the child is ever considered medically viable -- if you can get it to take a breath -- then it's not stillborn, even if its lungs are outside it's chest and its brain never even formed. France et al would call that baby stillborn, and the US will record it as an infant death.

I prefer the American honesty.

bicebicebice said...

"Blood type also affects female fertility and type A seems to be significantly better than type O"

Das raciz

Sam said...

The major problem is not vaccines it's the money hungry psychopaths making them. They just don't care if the stuff is contaminated.