Thursday, March 2, 2017

Socialism Keeps Winning

Only The State Can Organize The Means of Production

... otherwise people might starve without'em.

I can't believe it! Only last year the mass media was telling me what a marxist paradise it was down there. Everything free.

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nfoe said...

They seem very ancient, all these historical events which take us back to the Greeks, the Romans, and the Jews ; but in reality they are always young, for always
they betray the laws of human nature, — that human nature that as yet the course of ages has not changed. Humanity has aged much since then, but she always pursues the same dreams and suffers the same experiences without learning anything from them. Let any one read the declarations, full of hope and enthusiasm, issued by our Socialists of fifty years ago, at the moment of the revolution of 1848, of which they were. the most valiant partisans. The new age was born, and, thanks to them, the face of the world was about to be changed. Thanks to them, their country sank into a despotism ; and, a few years later, into a formidable war and invasion. Scarcely half a century has passed since this phase of Socialism, and already forgetful of this latest lesson we are preparing ourselves to repeat the same round.

—Gustave Le Bon, The Psychology of Socialism (1899)