Thursday, March 9, 2017

Neanderthals Just Chillin' With Aspirin and Penicillin

Primitive gorilla people accidentally discovered advanced medicine at least 50,000 years earlier than mankind, when mankind was a spear chucking life support system for a pair of testicles.

They probably discovered it in their 8 stage compression ovens when they were making fast-drying bitumen compounds into ergonomic grips on their weapons. Those gorillas got lucky more than once .... with their 3D perspective etchings and floor mosaics. Someday soon the orthodoxy is going to break down altogether and then the floodgates are going to open, you better believe it. The first order of business is to reassign credit for domestication of all animals followed by giving them props for every single major work of cave art in Europe starting with La Croix, which everybody knows is Neanderthal work by now anyhow.


nfoe said...

As mentioned, a double row of huge stones, called West Kennet Avenue, leads to the great circle of Avebury (Plate 26). These big slabs of sandstone, dragged from nearby Marlborough Downs, contain black magnetite, which make the stones magnetic. Retaining their original polarity from their formation deep underground, each stone acts like a weak but very large magnet. While the magnetism of the standing stones is not strong enough to noticeably deflect a compass needle, the more sensitive magnetometers show that the stones are indeed magnetic as geological studies have confirmed. We recorded a particularly powerful jump in our magnetometer readings by holding the probe up to a fist-sized cluster of magnetite crystals, visible in one of the avenue sarsens.
If these stones were strictly for ceremonial purposes, the magnetic orientation of the stones would not be of consequence. However, the south pole of each stone faces the next stone in line as you move toward the circle. This arrangement means the north poles of the stones generally point south, which are opposing the geomagnetic field. Inside the main and the minor stone circles, the south poles of all stones point at the next stone in the circle, in a clockwise direction with two exceptions. The stones at the two intact causeway entrances have their magnetic poles aligned with those of the avenue, rather than with the clockwise pattern of the circle, up to a ninety degree difference from their companions in the ring. We measured all sixty-seven remaining stones, with an average of sixteen readings per stone. None had a detectable magnetic pole pointing in a direction that would contradict this pattern.33
Duplicating this arrangement in the lab, we obtained a result fully consistent with the laws of electromagnetism but utterly shocking. The aligned magnets channel airborne ions in one direction! This is the same principle used at Chicago’s Fermi Lab – America’s greatest circular atomic accelerator. Today, physicists spend billions of dollars building circular tunnels with magnets, whose poles are aligned. We call them cyclotrons or colliders. They are built to move ions in one direction by making the magnets stronger and stronger as the ions move around the ring. Physicists use colliders to smash ions into targets so that they can study the debris of the collision and find the pieces that make up atoms. At Avebury, circa 2500 BC, the prehistoric engineers also seemed to know how to do direct ions, but doubtless in search of a different end result.

bicebicebice said...

Don't listen to these thards, they just got lucky, or should I say, licky.

This man here is a genious and will save us all;

Ibn Nafis said...

Globalist fake genius charlatan Stephen Hawking wants a global world government:

Ibn Nafis said...

"Could the Neanderthal have been self-medicating? We don't know,"
Of course we do know.
Always biased interpretations. Looks like they don't want to admit neanderthals were geniuses !

parrot paras said...

Cleve have you seen this? Neanderthal liberals welcoming and embracing the newly arrived Homo sapiens.

Sounds familiar uh?