Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nano PI Zero - Cheapest PC Yet!

Got the Nano PI Neo running my server! Excellent clone from China of the Raspberry PI Zero but much, much cheaper! This board is a really good candidate for building parallel supercomputers with distribution solvers. I actually have a BEOWULF supercluster (4 boards) running in MS-DOS 7.0 with it's own customized supercomputer BASIC language. The problem is I have not been able to think of an important task for it to solve other than image recognition so far. It is extremely good at that, able to circle 32 faces in a group photo in a few milliseconds. The store for this computer supplies acrylic stackers to build towers of them as distribution solvers.

Think about how cheap this tech is getting! It could soon be a reality that I could sell a complete case with screen and keyboard and my server code burned into ROMDISK so it always boots up! I could build the router itself into the case (running $4 nowadays) with 8 jacks for Cat-6 cabling, you could literally plug'n'play a shelter in a couple of minutes! If it fails for any reason, you could afford a couple spares as replacements and just switch the backup drive from one to the other to resume! That would really be my dream, shelters all over the world running CD-OS after the apocalypse and it becoming as ubiquitous as a PIP-Boy everywhere.

Hmmm ... you know, with the size of this little board, I could actually start to think about manufacturing one of these things for real as just another server (this one mobile) in the CD-OS network ... geolocation and mission omnipresence everywhere you go.


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bicebicebice said... you might find this interesting! Also, old computers are on the rise, due to stability and lets face it, Gog games are the only ones worthwhile, hehe.

Not so sure about these chinese goods, when our old tech will do just fine. Still, good to have options I guess.

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@bicebicebice here's another article about it I just found. They discovered penicillin, too, but there's no mention of how much cheese they ate. I'm still looking for evidence that proves or disproves the cheesy herder hypothesis.