Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Amazing Looks Inside Vivos

The wealthy intend to spend their time underground in great opulence.

If you've ever read "Swan Song" by Robert McCammon you'll know exactly what I expect to happen in these large communal shelters once supplies run low.

Survival is not something you should outsource. You can't because you have to contend with the fact that the guy you are paying money to might just decide to keep your cash and take your place. It's a very reasonable concern. The stranger you task with your safety also has to survive and it may be a decision made in a setting where money isn't a priority at all anymore. They've already got your money. These places operate on advances and deposits. They've also got complete power over you because they are running the place. Guarantee you that you will surrender your arms at the door of these joints. Think that is going to end well with the staff armed to the teeth? Chances are they will be hiring the dregs of ex-military and mercenaries from the private sector as employees like Colonel Macklin in "Swan Song." That's why I think these communal shelters are deathtraps when they are designed to house a bunch of strange people with no common context who come together at the last minute when it hits the fan.

Sweden schedules major review and renovation of existing shelter system, one of the best in the developed world.

The Swedish and Swiss both employ the elevated walkways in their designs. Very cool and helps to break up the monotony of the environment with interesting shifts in levels. If I could afford it I'd like to buy some metal gangway kits and do the same in my next shelter. I see them offered secondhand at auctions all the time for factories and warehouses that have been closed down. For example to bridge over a large storage connex in the shelter and come down into a corridor at the back for maintenance or access to another area. This way if the shelter was compromised you could drop that bridge and the intruder would have to figure out how to get over on that side while you lock'n'load or retreat to an emergency tunnel. I'd like to do a Vault-Co episode on YouTube one of these days showing what you might consider if you had a shelter breach to turn it into a death gauntlet for trespassers. Isolating the intrusion with successive doors so that even if a large enough invasion force was able to get in they'd have no idea where to find you once inside. They could spend hours hunting for you while you either retreat or lock them in and pump the place full of noxious gas.

Read "Swan Song" online at this link. I bet most Vivos shelters turn into Chapter 8 around 30 days after they drop the big one. Vivos managers will realize they should have installed CD-OS and they would not have ended up in that mess. When they are trying to find a replacement part for a controller connected to a SIEMENS industrial backup generator that nobody knows who manufactured and nobody knew was important until it failed, CD-OS users will be making due with millions of commonplace scavenged components around them which are found anywhere they care to look. You pop the hood on a car, you found a replacement and two spares.


Ryan David G said...


Ave said...

This issome interesting perspective, I'd like to say the real issue is not about the mercs. In a few year's hence they will have self-repairing robots instead of henchmen anyway.

The very basic problem of these John Galt "island systems" bunkers is that it completely shuts them from anything they have lived before. They're newborns in a completely alien environment the minute the blast doors shut down.

It took these people the very best of the corporate world (a globalized one, at that) to be able to amass their wealth. Now it's gone, and the brain power they tapped into is gone as well.

I must say I hate Political Correctness for bastardizing a very evident truth, in that we need very different people for very different jobs. The US media bastardized this in order to include the trans/multigender, the Welfare Queens etc.

But the truth remains that you need people who are good at welding, people who are good at programming, some other teaching, some others healing, etc. etc. This is why the managers of well-run companies also let the small people talk, because they know of some aspects that the people in the high towers don't (this has been bastardized by Soros's Snowflake Justice Warriors in that every childish character interrupts everybody constantly, now this is BY DESIGN in order to destroy large structures like schools which are the embodiment of true, necessary freedom of speech).

We can safely bet that 95% of these vault-dwellers have no clue what they're being protected against, nor what should be prepared for the day the doors open again etc.
If you read the excellent novella "The March of the Morons" (the 50's inspiration for the Idiocracy movie and a good read), then these shelters are actually perfect to kill these Top Parasites far away from witnesses.

Life is a long journey and when you end up in a shelter it is not by happenstance, nor fashion, nor paranoia (in the clinic acceptance) , it is because everything you saw and understood from your life led you there.

This is why your shelter or solution will have a setup much better designed than generic designs which only real purpose is to make the brochure look convincing.

Shelters are dreary and nightmarish as an unavoidable side effect of their purpose which is to protect from the outside world. Adding clutter to make it more palatable is adding complexity and risk of failure, which is contrary to the function.

In "Dawn of the Dead 2004" there is a minor crisis when some booze flavouring is depleted because the marketing guy tapped in it repeatedly. In your own shelter you will only have some cold tins of vegetables to eat but you will know their main purpose is to feed you at an affordable preparation cost (quality/quantity balance) and thus while you will complaint about the food it will not become an existential crisis or the trigger to a murder rampage.

podrag said...

Tex your blog is the only thing that keeps me alive some days buddy. And it probably will continue to long after I can't read it any more.

Texas Arcane said...


For me, the perfect shelter would look like a Vivos shelter inside but be set up by private individual(s) for their own survival, without corporate involvement of any kind. At every stage of the design you would be looking for the best solution and not a horse put together by a committee. If you had the resources you'd get the livability of the Vivos environment without the theatrical nature of the "marketed survival" that Vivos is selling.

Ave said...

Also, release :)

Welcome to the club Ryan David G ;)

Kona Commuter said...

Is this one of the "elites" warnings? People say the elite warn us of their plans in advance in order to meet their own requirment of fair play

Merkel also said that if the world faces a pandemic like the Spanish flu, “the world could plunge into a very difficult state. And that’s why a topic like health should be on the G20 agenda.”

Texas Arcane said...

@Kona Commuter

That's exactly what it is. They consider it fair play. You had your warning. They know almost all of this stuff shoots right over 95% of the population. They will say, "You had your warning. That was your choice not to do anything about it."

Ave said...


Also, they NEED the 5% who think about this stuff (that's pretty much us) or else their world would really fall apart.

But we're at the stage where a collapsing society flees forward in ever diminishing returns on complexity. Real collapse is not far away.

Their spiffy bunkers will be the playground of the real survivors' teenagers just one generation after the collapse.

styrac1 said...

By way of deception is their way, but they aren't too good at it...

tony said...

did you see the photo of the conehead on yesterdays smh front page?they said the huns were into head binding

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