Sunday, March 19, 2017

Marx Ragnarok : Failure To Distribute Benefits To In-Group

Bolshevism is only successful where it can distribute ample economic and social benefits to it's adherents. People are attracted to marxist doctrines because they are weaklings and if at any time that gravy train begins to shut down there are precious few of them willing to endure much of anything once the cash spigot turns off.

If the media lauds you as one step below the angels for conducting yourself in an R-Type treasonous fashion against your own society then they need to have a job waiting for you in the wings when the natural organic backlash occurs. It is a sign of the flagging power of the left that they can no longer fund these "virtues." It is easy to see that plenty of people will go wherever the money is on tap and advocate anything that pays their bills. This guy was used as a tool and then discarded as having no further use. This cannibalism is becoming increasingly common on the left.

Mr. Kaepernick's candy ass wouldn't know anything about the black soldiers who fought and died for that flag he thinks he is too good to stand for. This special snowflake doesn't know what hard times feels like. He doesn't appreciate what he has because he's never not had it.


Kona Commuter said...

What a loser that guy is.

Had it all but it wasn't enough so he threw a tantrum & threw it all away

styrac1 said...

A simple search will reveal that every traitor who sacrificed his country to serve the global Judaeo-Amerikwan empire, like Saakashvili fro instance, soon immediately after their inevitable fall they found employment in various "think tanks" and were given tenure on the ZOG's prep schools like Harvard.

styrac1 said...

Kwanstainian idiocracy.