Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kek Justice Strikes Down The Unrepentent

To anger Kek is to look into the abyss

Starbucks sits empty and it's stock is plunging. I have avoided them for years.


parrot paras said...

Cleve stop with this kek crap. It's a gross figure, satanic, immature and probably another cointelpro subversion (like most of 4chan who's hottest boards are directly moderated by the FBI). You should know better than that.

Texas Arcane said...


It's just for the LULZ. It also scares liberals. Like Batman, we realize the liberals are primitive superstitious creatures easily frightened.

parrot paras said...

I don't doubt it but it's still something they want us to be associated with because it undermines our credibility as devout Christians fighting against the end times madness we live in. Stick to using your own guns instead because nothing would scare liberals more than your theories and memes becoming mainstream.

They already took you off google's indexing. Never thought they actively filtered that way but here we are.