Sunday, March 5, 2017

Instant Zero-Configuration Shelter Networking I.J.W. (It Just Works!)

Just one instance of my server running is a marvel. The real magic starts when other instances are linked up. You can see hosts available through the UDP autodiscovery in addition to simply typing in IP addresses and hailing others through my unique JSONP cross-domain calls. Once added, you can then PING that host to send it this station's manifest, which could consist of publish-subscribe provisions including transmitting things like diagrams and logs. If you choose to initiate this linkup every time the server starts, the remote server will participate in a rich messaging system pooling all data and control systems between stations where authorization exists.

Still working out some of the finer details in the publish-subscribe model but the really important thing is that it just works and is so simple it has very little reliance on hardware configuration of any kind. If your network is working and the server instance is plugged into it, chances are it will take about 5 seconds to connect the machine to all other participating CD-OS servers - as a persistent relationship from thereon which is reflected when the server starts up or initiates this connection as expected.


Ave said...

Okay, I'll have it. Just as it is. No improvements, nothing else that this.

Where can I download it ?

John Deer said...


bicebicebice said...

Don't forget the built in super tiny QRD-client on Why you built this in the first place.
I think it would actually be important.