Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Call Them Melonheads For A Reason

Oprah Winfrey has the largest skull circumference of any black woman in America and perhaps the Earth. She falls well into the circumference of the Boskonians who modern people insist must have been "aliens."

This should also help you to understand why I always say that these things are all in plain sight every day right in front of your nose.

You'll notice that there are huge variations in the application of intelligence. Oprah Winfrey concentrates her formidable mind entirely 100% on social engineering and accumulating power and cares almost nothing for the mechanisms by which all that electronic equipment in her television studio works. Of course. Instinctively, melonheads knows that they will rule and that the 'Thal will handle the technical aspects of advancing the civilization. This is why the eternal love-hate relationship exists between melonheads and Neanderthals. They need us but we don't need them. A Neanderthal who does his smart stuff and makes those things work is a good 'Thal. He knows his place and he knows it is helping them consolidate the means by which they rule. You could say that our civilization is pathological because increasingly 'Thals can't profit by meritocracy. As the society has gone into decline it is assumed that "all this stuff will just fix itself," no nerds need apply and ordinary people can take over that role - how hard could it be, they ask?. That is a society on it's way out because even journeyman economies are better at organizing the division of labor.

I want you to think hard about the class divisions of our society and ask yourself if they are really along racial or ethnic lines (a melonhead lie to distract the masses from the real class structures) or along other lines altogether. Think about it this way. If you're an amoral power craving tyrant with a brain above 1900cc in mass who is more than willing to adapt himself to whatever is politically correct this week and knows his place in the hierarchy I can't see you not succeeding. Your skin color or religious affiliation won't affect your automatic membership in that club. If you are a fundamentally virtuous savant with a high IQ and strong compulsion towards notions of fairness and mutual respect, don't hold your breath. They won't want you. Persona non grata. White, male and Christian you can forget it. Nothing is going to hurt you more than that intelligence and the reason is obvious and has been unchanged for the past 100,000 years. You might be competition.

Around 100,000 years ago a plague that looked like it was designed to target Neanderthals because of key markers in the way it invaded cells instead turned on and killed most of the other hominids on the planet. In other words, it backfired. Guarantee you somebody got sacked over that fiasco or worse.

Some have described Oprah's advantage as the successor to Donahue was her empathy - but I would suggest it was her animal cunning and subsequent cognitive advantage over the Irishman. She knew just what to say and how to say it for the most powerful theater on daytime television aimed directly at somewhat maudlin middle-aged white women who like to imagine themselves on the cusp of understanding something of how real life works. She targeted just these women with her every word.


Ave said...

Pah ! Amateurs

Sam said...

Here's your melonhead right here.

joel8869 said...

I've noticed that you're very well informed on many thing related to reality. Are you familiar with the Ether theory, most specifically (and recently) Ken Wheeler's "Uncovering the missing secrets of magnetism"? It explains magnetism in a coherent fashion (if you were to understand his vocabulary) along with gravity, light, and to some extent the influence of magnetism on organisms.

Texas Arcane said...


I think changes in magnetic fields have profound effects on all living things. There is real evidence that there exists a strong relationship between magnetic fields and epigenetic triggers in DNA that are currently not understood at all by biologists.