Sunday, March 26, 2017

Helping Restore Diversity In Coral Reef Biospheres

The Zircon reef-in-a-box changes World War II naval carriers into decorative environments for fish to frolic and hide in.

The Russians are also researching how to change dry land into coral reefs that glow at night. Ocean tourism will be the hottest entertainment venue of the 21st century.

Meanwhile America's F-35s are just spinning around in circles trying to find magnetic north. Only two years from now they will actually have guns that fire.

They can send the magnificent bazillion dollar Zumwalt in to replace the navy, a ship that converts itself into a submarine the second it hits the water. It does not re-emerge.

I will never forget the Navy fanbois who were telling me I was crazy in 2012 predicting the Zumwalt was going to be a train wreck at sea. They told me I didn't know anything about navy technology. I was predicting the death of the naval carrier in 2004 right here on the old Vault-Co site.


podrag said...

Tex you're too funny! Seriously this is the only blog that can make me laugh any more.

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styrac1 said...

Increase security as their relevance hits rock bottom.