Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CIA Top Official Admits To Killing Strangers Based On Metadata Scores

Fuzzy logic computes who will live and die.

Donald Trump should disband both the NSA and CIA immediately and fire all staff. All of this is so far past the sanity markers it has gone right off the edge of the planet.

Put your complete childlike trust in anyone who presents themself as an authority figure, they are as pure as the driven snow and motivated by pure altruism similar to the angels themselves. The other angels, anyway.

Another fake case where they pretend to be conducting an investigation and yet never seem to follow up on any leads. There's a reason nobody gets arrested in these things, ever, despite a great show of busy behavior and hand wringing. Jimmy Savile was clearly connected to the highest levels of British government and you see how that all managed to blow over now. As predicted here on Vault-Co.

I better be careful, I am pushing up my metadata score.

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bicebicebice said...

Just make face accounts in Michael Hayden's name and use all the forbidden words, then watch his car have a mysterious weightlifting accident at 100mph.