Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CD-OS : Implementing Diagnostics For The System In The Browser

It is no good if you design an architecture for the Internet-of-Things and have to go in person to inspect every device that has a problem. One of the problems with some previous installations of my server has been that it doesn't have enough diagnostics and maintenance utilities built-in (no matter what it runs on) to allow you to remotely browse to it and find out what is going on inside it. This iteration I am putting in all of the stuff that I identified from feedback should have been in there previously ... full diagnostics of all versions of software both client and server side, the browser, environment and operating system. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there. I have gone through several methods so far and my goal has been to avoid bloat. There are platform detection libraries for Javascript that run up to 100K, I am not using those. I have figured out a way with around 40 lines of Javascript to determine the browser, OS and versions across many different devices and platforms. This is just the start, I can think of a lot of other things that should go in here like server uptime statistics, etc.

The more information you can pull out through a browser window the less you need a standalone HUD for the server when it is running. You can think of the browser as the UI for the application no matter what you want to do - edit server pages, manage files, investigate logs, do the kinds of things that remote administrators of any system should be able to do. Ideally you could put this server on a postage stamp sized computer with no display, no keyboard and no dedicated user interface other than going over the wire into it's server via it's own provided web pages. There are more and more consumer network devices that function this way and it has influenced me a lot seeing how good that can work. Security for this kind of executive function is currently turned off but I will be implementing it shortly as an OAUTH style token with an expiration date that is drawn from a user table. It was working around 2012 but I turned it off while I experimented with other functionality.


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