Tuesday, March 14, 2017

... Because It Is Classic

Don't lie. You are not a survivalist if you have not dreamed about picking up a radio mike in a post-apocalyptic city and shouting this out. You know you want to. There's only one luxury accessory I ever want to buy before they drop the bomb and it is this one. Must-have postnuclear chic:

Remember, when you see the killer cockroaches you want to run towards the ramp of your watertight heavily armored three wheeled tank and away from the backseat of the car where all the mysteriously white skeletons picked clean are sitting. Think A.F.R.T.S.O.T. acronym .... "Away From Roaches Towards Safety Of Tank." ... and remember, the apocalypse isn't near until you see Tex proudly posting the new pictures of his Landmaster-style vehicle up here. It's going to happen someday soon.

My preference is the amphibian French VAB modified slightly and of course
with CD-OS running in the cabin connected to the shelter in
real-time tracking. Best Away vehicle in an affordable price range.