Monday, March 13, 2017

American Institutional Collapse

Brilliant post on an obscure blog says it all.

You can't have a civilization where everybody is faking it. It is impossible.

Found this off a Vault-Co reader's link. Two thumbs up, this guy nailed it in a few paragraphs. Civilizations are about trust and honesty in the long term in order to best organize the protection of women and children. Our civilization has failed in nearly every metric you could establish that would be needed for it to remain coherent. That's why it is coming apart at the seams.


Aeoli Pera said...

But but but...fake it 'til you make it!?!?!

Phelps said...

You might like this one too:

It's fun to go back and read my own stuff from over 10 years ago. By then I've forgotten the specific turns of phrase, and it gives me a feel for what other people reading it experience.

clbrto said...

I don't buy the "incompetence" defense. Found this article years ago, it's outdated, but I think closer to the truth about government (and it's various branches, such as the media): "How can they not see that the US government acts deliberately, and that it knows what it is doing? How can they not see that the government's goals are not peace and justice, but empire and profit. It wants these wars, this repression. These policies are not mistakes; they are not irrational; they are not based on a failure of moral insight (since morality is not even a factor in their considerations); they are not aberrations; they are not based on a failure to analyze the situation correctly; they are not based on ignorance. This repression, these bombings, wars, massacres, assassinations, and covert actions are the coldly calculated, rational, consistent, intelligent, and informed actions of a ruling class determined at all costs to keep its power and wealth and preserve its way of life (capitalism). It has demonstrated great historical presence, persistence, and continuity in pursuing this objective. This ruling class knows that it is committing atrocities, knows that it is destroying democracy, hope, welfare, peace, and justice, knows that it is murdering, massacring, slaughtering, poisoning, torturing, lying, stealing, and it doesn't care"