Monday, February 27, 2017

Truth Is Unspoken EXCEPT When It Can Be Used In The Agenda

A brilliant talk on epigenetics at TEDx. Highly recommend it.

Epigenetics was nearly like talking about eugenics the last twenty years.

Long after the sharper ones (like most Vault-Co readers) knew something was very important here, it was still forbidden to even speak of in public.

So here we have a privileged person of upper caste (gay) who is permitted to freely discuss something completely taboo to ordinary peasants like you and I. Free inquiry is his divine right as a natural aristocrat, goes the narrative. For a straight man to speak the almost the same words on the same subject is monstrous and would be tantamount to heresy.

If we read between the lines he is talking about a much wider repertoire of gene expression than we have been told exists.

Trust me, this subject is much, much bigger than homosexuality. Much bigger. Once again, it's not homosexuality that is the elephant in the room. It is the bedrock of human origins that is the elephant in the room. That's the reason that normally this is a very delicate subject. Until it is about teh gay.

I think there are lots of people in our society who deeply feel that freedom is for me but hardly for thee. This is what they think our civilization is about. It's all about what they deserve just because and hardly what can be afforded everyone. The Founding Fathers could correct them in person and they'd be none the wiser. Those rights are for people who deserve them and guess who decides who deserves them? You guessed it.

He concludes with the usual tale of persecution of homosexuals - a suicide rate nearly 5 times that of ordinary people! Wow! Must be tough. Not mentioned is the suicide rates of white males with Aspergers, conservatively believed to be fifty times that of any other demographic. Neanderthals are not the self-pitying type but if anybody ever deserved pity it is them.

P.S. To clarify ... As long as I am a straight man, it is forbidden to me to give the exact same lecture this guy did on TEDx but switch homosexuals for Neanderthals. Frankly, that pisses me off. It's a caste system I didn't vote for and I ended up on the bottom instantly by being a straight heterosexual male with high native intelligence the instant I was born. This guy gives the same talk that makes me a monster, he's a brilliant and original thinker. That sucks.


Ron said...

Tex, you are whining. You are absolutely allowed to give that lecture, just not at TedX. So start a TexX series. Make it only for straight white males, whatever.

Texas Arcane said...


I would be labeled a Natzee before I finished the first sentence and you know it.

HalibetLector said...

@Tex they've already labeled you a nazi because you're a white man and you exist. Why do you care? Nobody else does at this point.

Ibn Nafis said...

I don't agree with the bullshit they're saying, fags aren't beneficial to society at all. 30% of them are pedos and were raped when they were kids. Fags are just mentally-ill dysfunctionning degenerates. People should stop calling it "homosexuality", in fact it should rather be called gender identity disorder. Whatever, just let this civilisation fall, no wonder there's fag acceptance everywhere, we're right in the middle of Kali Yuga. Also I remember you said it's caused by a mix of neanderthal and cro-mag genes fighting for amygdala formation. Are you sure about that Tex ? I think those particular gene-clusters causing faggotry would have been purged a long time ago if they really caused it.

bicebicebice said... Tex you might find this documentary interesting.

Ron said...

@Texas Arcane

So what? Follow your conscience, be as honest as you can be. I kind of like the idea of a TexX conference.

n-ikaido said...

Hi Texas,

have you noticed how it's always the most insecure men who consistently repeat things like "we are a happy family" like a buddhist mantra to reassure themselves?

"He's exactly who he was meant to be, and my family is stronger and happier because he is in our clan", "How about you?" says the TED speaker, with a face and eyes expressions that looks like he is about to cry, or maybe even covet death. Why do you look so sad, James, if you are such a happy, strong family for having a gay son?