Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Real Shelter Conditions

Been having a problem with water leaking through my meter thick concrete ceiling. I have had to keep tarps over the equipment. Getting my continuous integration process and automated builds going for the 27 devices hooked to my network. This is a complete build on Windows 2000 Adv Server w/Firefox 20, a very old web browser. Fully compliant to HTML5 with all the polyfills.

The terrible conditions, damp and rust in my lab are perfect because they simulate the kind of environments you expect in imperfect settings. If all my boxes work in this dump they will work anywhere. Guarantee you Batman never has these problems. Another overfunded mediocre superhero, that smug bastard. :)

This build produced some errors in my code for backward compatibility with Windows. I am considering rolling back to functionality only found in MSVCRT.DLL for Windows NT 4 to make sure that it will compile and run on any Windows machine made since 1992. Another reason to use Open Watcom for the compiler because it almost hits any machine you would ever want to compile to : DOS-16, DOS-32, Win-16, Win-32, Win-64, Linux, OS2, Netware, RTOS and ARM (with plugin) for nearly anything.


Ave said...

Is this photography compatible with my hardware ? (Pentium II)

Does this photography run with various OS ?

Is this photography considered freeware ?

Since all what I get from you are pictures of Vault-OS instead of Vault-OS itself, I thought I'd better ask the important questions straight away.


Ave said...