Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lowered Bandwidth on Map Server By 80% !!!

You can download ready-to-go map data for CD-OS from in MBTiles format. I use Melbourne but you can use and attach anything you want. You put it into the GEO directory and include your path to it in the configuration file, it will be attached at startup to the main database.

This is a vector tile, very low bandwidth! I was drawing those tiles myself and sending them downwind as PNG files with Cache-Control and ETag set to never expire in the browser cache.

Then I discovered this! A plug-in for Leaflet that takes delivery of the tiles in their original vector format and draws them using canvas. Incredibly, I tested this with excanvas (Explorer Canvas polyfill for older IE browsers) and it worked!!!

My map server may be cheating and it may also be doing some optimizations for smaller regions but the CD-OS map server blows Google away in speed! No lag and no delays after I cleared my browser cache and started from scratch. I compared scrolling around Melbourne in Google to scrolling around in my server and no contest. A complete vector tiles file for the entire planet will run you around 50 gigabytes at present. I would host that one except I don't think that CD-OS would fit on a floppy anymore.


Sam said...

I have a 100 GB usb 3.0 flash drive right in front of me now. It sure would be nice to have a world wide map. Not that anyone would need it but it would be nice.

I don't think it will ever happen but they need to make flash drives with optical ports. They always seem to have contact problems because the connectors are so cheap. A optical data with a A/C power interconnect to run the stick so that there would be no mechanical connection at all. Just place in a slot. Maybe make the sticks about the thickness and width of a stick of gum and the length maybe half a stick of gum.

Ibn Nafis said...

Tex I am curious as to what happens when a civilisation falls at around its 250th year ? Because the USA is ~ 241 years old so something is obviously going to happen in the next 10 years, but what ? Will there be riots ? Will they nuke the whole world in their last breath, will there be like a total collapse like if it was an apocalypse ? What happenned to the roman empire when they died ? I think there was a massive influx of barbarians and foreigners and they all got killed right ? The same thing is going to happen all over the West but not exactly at the same time I think. I'm wondering how the elites are going to cope with that. Perhaps their new world order will happen after this collapse. So it's a good thing you're so prepared with your shelter, because there's gonna be a shitstorm in the next 10 years. Plus the Ice age which I think will be at its peak in 2030 if I'm not mistaken.

nfoe said...

Ibn Nafis – have a look at this:

Ibn Nafis said...

@nfoe So it's all gonna end in 2032 ? Thanks for the data, so I have time to prepare before shit hits the fan