Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is "Black Mirror" Predictive Programming?

Within 12 months of an episode appearing on "Black Mirror" (a particularly grim dystopian series on Netflix) you see the commercial reality appear. If you didn't know better you'd think they were trying to desensitize people to these horrible futures in advance and normalize the tech involved.

A really terrible apocalypse in "Hated In the Nation" in the new season.

The "Robobee" is announced.

The "electronic bee" that means nowhere would be safe. The State could push a button and kill you anywhere, anytime with facial recognition. Breeding fear of such a weapon in advance could be a powerful tool in bludgeoning the population into acceptance. A lot of television seems engineered to make you slump your shoulders, roll over and die. Resistance is futile, we learn. Any resistance. The people who voted for Trump proved them wrong.

I can assure you this has nothing to do with pollination of flowers and everything to do with a guided swarm of death armies of electronic insects. Previous tyrants could only dream of such things at their fingertips.

After this one I was so scared I actually enjoyed the eternal lesbian affair in cyberspace episode. It seems like a lighthearted comic romp in comparison. It was only a brief respite before the brain chip soldier robot killers show came on. If this stuff is what the future looks like don't bother looking for me I will be with the lesbians in cyberspace.


Ron said...

Every time I hear about things like "the eternal lesbian affair" I get far more upset and angry than about a new way of exterminating me.

And the reason is because the latter is only a means, the former is a step involved in making it OK to have me exterminated. "Eternal lesbian affair" is about saying that I, a man, am expendable. It is not a plea for tolerance but a statement of hate, of contempt. It is a marxist, collectivist statement on par wiht "you didnt build that". Something meant to dehumanize.

Well motherfuckers, if I am expendable, then I, and those men like me, the rest of the "expendables" and "deplorables" have no reason not to hunt you fuckers down. After all, our lives are worth nothing right? We arent necessary right? So I guess we have nothing to lose, do we? But you on the other hand, have quite a bit to lose. Yeah, you might have fucked up a bit with the programming,

(By "you" Im not talking to you Tex)

Alan Gould said...

Artificial bees... The fever dreams of those who have never felt the wind on their faces.

Whatever else is true of the Enemy, they really are indoor cats. Part of the depressive effect of black mirror comes from its having sprung from minds that haven't left air-conditioned rooms, or indeed cyberspace, for decades. Nothing that a good hike, or the sound of birdsong and running water, cannot cure.

A linnet who had lost her way
Sang on a blackened bough in hell
Till all the ghosts remembered well
The trees, the wind, the golden day

At last they knew that they had died
When they heard music in that land
And someone there stole forth a hand
To draw a brother to his side.

Duke Norfolk said...

Netflix doesn't get my money anymore. Dear White People put me over the edge.

Fuck them.

Luke said...

I'm going to Cairo in a few days :D ...

Anyone have any recommendations for things to look for? Extreme heat damage inside the pyramids? Illuminati symbolism? Depictions of elongated heads?

bicebicebice said...

Delet your blogg, Tex.

Regards Not-The-Mainstream-Media-Or-The-Tech-Giants

Aeoli Pera said...

Nicolas Cage is predictive programming to inure us to the horrific visage of The Last Man.