Sunday, February 26, 2017

Google Goes Full Orwellian

Censoring a web site that has never done anything but print information.

I know Google censors me. Why, I've never known. To be honest, I have never really cared. I wasn't selling anything when I started Vault-Co. It was just a free blog page where I could put my idiotic impressions up every day and not have to worry what became of them. Somehow, Vault-Co managed to get over 4 million hits in the last 10 years with no advertisements, no agenda and no promotion. Right around the time the site started getting a lot of hits about 2009, Google began a campaign of making certain it never appeared in search results. Again ... seriously ... I just never gave a damn. I wasn't trying to push something when I started it. How can an organization with half the money on the planet be so terrified of some rambling, blithering Aspie retard they have to try to blot him off the internet so nobody ever reads anything by him? What, are they scared people will be exposed to the idea that dinosaurs were just birds? That Cost-Co is a post nuclear resupply depot? Think about how silly all that is. Vault-Co is not the front for a large international conglomerate backed by a dark cabal. It's just me. Posting my ideas on the internet.

Now Google is stepping it up a notch. They are censoring natural health sites. That's really bad stuff there. Really bad. What happened to "Don't Be Evil?"

Could be time to switch to Bing or one of the alternates. I don't know if I can trust Google anymore for searches if they are engaged in this kind of censorship.


Ave said...

Yeah, I use firefox, and there's a statup page with thumbnails. Vault-Co was one of the thumbnails (to check whenever CD-OS was going to be released...) and all of itself it changed to another site.

All the other thumbnails remained the same. Strange stuff to say the least.

Ave said...

Street art map in Melbourne

The number 4 near the Tech university is a staship/rocket blueprint.

I found myself a new hobby :)

(Melbourne is one of the top cities in street art, I'd say that it's by far the highest ranking city in the world per inhabitant)

Ave said...

Well well, look what I found : Vault by Ron Robertson-Swann (Corner Dodds and Grant streets)

Same colour as this blog. You want to share something with us Tex ? ;) ;)

Ryan David G said...

When searching for something obscure I find it interesting to compare what Google spits out compared to other options like DuckDuckGo. Interesting and revealing.

Ave said...

Whenever you don't want me to go on, just say so. One of these days I might make a Roleplaying Game adventure out of this :)

"PMT Nuclear is a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, qualifying and testing safety related and non-safety related custom HVAC equipment to commercial nuclear power plants. We are constantly supplying chillers, air handling units, filtration units, heat exchangers, ductwork, dampers, and other critical equipment to most domestic and many foreign utilities."

Ave said...

>> What happened to "Don't Be Evil?"

"Don't be evil" is something you say to somebody else... If you were telling this to yourself you wouldn't use this phrasing.

Ibn Nafis said...

Jeff Smith said...

I use either Bing or DuckDuckGo. The latter has served me well.

Alpha Jed said...

Use DuckDuckGo for search engine & Brave for browser & InfoGalactic for news & wiki Info!

HalibetLector said...

They stopped using it as their motto back in 2010. It's hard to say 'Don't be Evil' with a straight face when their CEO at the time (((Eric Schmidt))) was using the company to organize violent, destabilizing 'events' across the middle east.

As for when you were delisted in google, that happened sometime during your last hiatus. I occasionally used the site-specific google search to look up interesting comment threads from the past, so I noticed when it suddenly stopped returning results.

I just noticed something strange. Didn't the wayback machine used to have your site archived? It's now saying the robots.txt for your site disallows any bots from scraping the site (except googlebot, apparently). In any case, I hope you have a backup. There's a lot of good info on this site. I'd hate to see it suddenly disappear in a puff of electrons.

@ave not strange at all. Look at Mozilla's logo. It's the Red Star of communist china behind a godzilla lookalike. The company has never kept its extreme left politics a secret.

Dave Narby said...

You use Google? WTF

cheddarman said...

Tex, i wonder if google made it harder to find your website. it used to be a lot easier, i just needed to type "texas arcane" and find easy links

Texas Arcane said...

@Alpha Jed

Thanks for that tip about DuckDuckGo. I put them as my default search engine.