Thursday, February 23, 2017

Expedient Shelter Is Everywhere

Went for a walk at lunchtime. Been passing this thing below a pedestrian bridge for three months and wondering what it actually was. Decided to go for a look. I ambled down there to the entrance.

Walked about 10 feet up the clean dry pipe and turned left another meter into a clean, dry, odorless concrete room with an overflow grate in the upper left of the ceiling which was 7 feet high. This grate would be excellent for air intake/lookout if blocked off with something suitable on the other side. I think this pipe is supposed to service a storm drainage pit behind it which the city built so high above the waterline it never floods or very rarely. Very hot outside but cool as a cucumber inside. Another tunnel went back deeper underground into darkness but I never went much further than I have described. This other tunnel was delivering a lot of fresh cool air from somewhere else.

It was surrounded by clean white rock aboveground obviously meant to act as a drainage pit, possibly to prevent flooding in the apartment block behind it. Incredibly, there was no graffiti inside it which is really unusual because you'd think bums and drug addicts would consider this a perfect night flop inside it. I am only guessing but I think the whole structure is pretty new.

Anyway, it looked like the sort of custom built shelter you might find in a backyard in the 1950's which most people would think pretty posh. This is just something I found going for a walk during my lunch break.

If you were to seriously take up residence in this you'd have to do things like block off or conceal the entrance with camo, block off the air chimney with something to filter out the air coming in against fallout ash or other contaminants. You couldn't just drop your bugout bag inside and set up house, chances are you'd need to do some things to make it secure and fit for purpose. Nonetheless, the truth is I just found this while out for a walk in the park next door to where I work. Properly blocked off this would provide you little or no protection from blast but could protect you from lethal levels of radiation.

I was telling a Vault-Co regular the other day about how much fun it could be to do an episode of Vault-Co showing us identifying and upgrading a structure like this to turn it into a proper shelter. Would be cool if we gave ourselves an 8 hour window and saw how much we could get accomplished during that time.

I noticed while inside there were steel rebar grills on both walls you could easily hook a hammock to. A lot of preppers wonder if hammocks are good gear to put into your bugout bag - I reckon they are top gear right up there with entrenching tools. You can sling a hammock in nearly any place you find yourself to get your body and your equipment off the floor.

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Dude said...

Out bush you can use something like this. With all the heavy farm equipment around it wouldn't take long to set up... Activated Charcoal filters, which you could make, plus supplies you be right. In Aus old mines could be used also. lots of people could survive.

I'm sure I'm not the only thal bush rat to think along these lines. Imagine if everyone was connected... :-)