Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CostCo Australia Is The Same As CostCo America

My contract ends this week at current place of business.

I've been going to CostCo to eat lunch most days because it is so cheap.

Today after finishing off my delicious bean bake burrito I decided to go for a little exploration.

I had been looking at the elevated concrete deck and stairs over a story high for weeks outside of CostCo. I had walked the perimeter a few times and looked at this colossal building from every angle. I have a lot of experience with underground structures. I get hunches about what I am looking at, even when the builders have gone to great lengths (as I would) to conceal their handiwork.

For example, trying to disguise an air intake as a large bench and tree planter. Ordinary people don't see these things. A guy like me might as well have a large flashing sign with an arrow reading THIS WAY TO THE SUBTERRENE.

I had suspicions. I thought something might be going on there. I have read a lot about the bizarre closings of Walmarts across America, the midnight demolitions and the rumors of underground storage facilities, possibly to provide resupply to elites after a nuclear war.

Somebody was driving a pallet of consumer goods through one of the access doors to the warehouse and I waited until they passed. I walked down the ramp inside the storage center to a bunch of corridors and then down a flight of stairs. I was planning to tell anybody who asked I was looking for the restroom if discovered. I didn't see anybody for a minute or two and I was quite deep underground. Nobody would dream from the outside it went this far down.

I passed a break office with a glass window and some employees sitting inside eating lunch. I strode past and reached the corner just in time to get a look at a long corridor leading back towards the parking lot except two stories underground. It had big double doors. An entrance to something even larger.

One of the people came out of the break office and yelled at me, asking me what I was doing. I shrugged and asked where the men's room was. He gestured angrily and pointed back up the stairs. I nodded and walked meekly back the way I came.

I had really needed to satisfy my curiosity with my last day tomorrow.

A huge underground storage facility, just like these same chains all over the world. No simple reason for needing to go that deep or for it to be that extensive. I had only captured a glimpse of its expanse. I would bet if you had the keys to this facility you'd see a lot more.

Just another CostCo. Seen one of 'em you've seen'em all. The best place to hide something is in plain sight where nobody would ever suspect it. Just saying you think CostCo and Walmart may be part of a long term survival plan for the wealthy ruling class after a nuclear war sounds so crazy you'd never repeat it anywhere. It sounds utterly crazy to even say it.

UPDATE: Meant to include this in the original post. CostCo often locates their stores near natural caverns, abandoned subways and deep infrastructure tunnels. Anywhere in the world you go, you will notice this "coincidence." It is almost like it is a checkbox on their construction list before they break any ground.


Ave said...

FEMA has made several papers that include Wal-Marts in a recovery effort. Some experience was gained during Katrina and they perfected this in the Tornado Alley area.

Wal-Marts have everyhting needed as a base of operation and have standardized features (if I recall correctly they have a "class III computer network" (it's what I can recall), also they have a hardened electric system, large room outside for helicopter landings, a logistics bay (they are basically a logistic point of motorized people) etc.

Just research "Wal-Mart" and "FEMA" together, I did this three years ago.

I know they have a standard set of features that is above what is needed, it would be interesting to see if all Wal-Mart building come from the same catalog, as it's often the case for franchise.

Rather than bunkers for the elite, I can see them as military outposts, with a hardened cellar as fallout shelter and a straight motorway as a drone airflied.

Wal-Marts have covered the entirety of US territory and have high quality standard features, perhaps even better than those of the military, they are perfect for deployment and FEMA says so publicly.

As for the elite, nobody knows who they really are, what they really have and where they really live, nor do we give a damn, killing them is not exactly going to make me live longer or better.

Ave said...

Thinking of it, it makes also perfect sense. A Wal-Mart is meant to service a given number of households, so ideally there are as much Wal-Marts as there are that threshold number of people people, and they are located at a somewhat optimal location in regard to that population.

It'shs also a great way to reclaim ressources from said population after a depopulation event, in a scalable way.

In my book Glasses & Pulleys ( ) after an engineered depopulation event the Technology People have robots reclaim parts from cars and technology (computers, smartphones etc.) to build the robotic infrastructure they need.

Mex Arcane said...

A similar thing happened to me the other day.