Thursday, February 23, 2017

Classic Scenario for WW3

Very good. Posted by Vault-Co regular. Jump to 55:00 for the money shot. I expect television to be broadcasting this new program in the next decade at some point.

Ask yourself - when this appears onscreen what will you do? Give your loved ones dumb looks? Don't ever be that guy. That's what 99% of the population will do. Give each other dumb looks. Trust me, you want to spin on your heels, take ten paces and be at the door of your fully stocked shelter prepared for anything. That's what you want to do. Pull that door shut behind you and spin that dial, then reach over and flip the switch to boot up CD-OS. Don't be like ordinary people working on a lifetime of dumb looks.


Ave said...

You're absolutely right, I want to go in my shelter and switch CD-OS on.

Which means I need to download it from you first.

It doesn't have to be perfect. My survivalist novel needs editing, but people like it as it is already ( ), it's been out there for three years now.

With over 400,000 words it's as long as Stephen King's "The Stand", as a reference.

Thing is, I can't perfect it in the way I want because in the mean time I developped a chronic disease of the inner ear (Meniere's Disease) that drains a lot energy from me. It's like a permanent burn-out.

This can happen to you just as well, release what you have as it is. People will always nag at something anyway, the important thing is that it gets to the people before they need it.

Ibn Nafis said...

Be patient @Ave, perfecting your baby before releasing it is a Neanderthal thing.
Didn't you see his game "Grimoire"? It has been in development for years now.
Neanderthals perfect what they make for years before releasing it because what they do is a master piece. Cro-mags copy on others and release it unfinished just to make money, like unfinished early access games in Steam.

Ave said...

@ Ibn

Neanderthals anticipate, which is not the same as being so anal on something it never gets released. It's the Sapiens who want something perfect simply because the main objective is to impress others with it. Neanderthals only want something that works, and the sooner the better.

Saps are going to copy CD-OS no matter what or when. The important part is that it gets out for people to use it - in time.