Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chocolate Toothpaste Is Better Than Fluoride For Teeth

Fluoride is a deadly neurotoxin that causes tumors and lowers IQ in children and adults

Tests clearly show repairs of dental enamel from using chocolate-based toothpaste regularly.

They even add this poison to bottled water, often without telling you

Wonder how come one morning you woke up and found yourself in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY?

This is why. Fluoride, Vaccines, Mobile Phones. Imagine what things will look like three generations from now the way they are going.

My wife always laughs that the guy is named Clevon.

I'm not scared of these people. They can't build a prison that will hold me.


nfoe said...

Take a look at this:

Miles is talking about the Kennedy assassination. This is the most original take on it I have ever seen.

nfoe said...

Jean Gautier linked intelligence to the oxidizing action of the thyroid gland. Fluorine will depress the action of this gland and wreak havoc everywhere else as well. When they put superphosphate fertilizer on animal grazing paddocks and they die after eating it they call it "phosphate poisoning" but is actually fluorine poisoning.

Fluorine has a high affinity for calcium and magnesium, and theses should be added to the diets of anyone exposed to fluorine. I saw something somewhere that said that Ca, Mg, and K were good for people coming off SSRIs, which are fluorine-based drugs.

I am serious about the thyroid thing. That gland is critical for intelligence and destroying it makes one reach buddhist nirvana - i.e. one turns into a vegetable.

It is also the prime mover of calorification in the body.

Bobo #117 said...

Just moved back to Trumpistan after 3 years in Costa Rica (spanish for "coast of low IQ").
All table salt sold in CR has added fluoride. Why? Because you can never be too dumb for The Man.