Wednesday, February 15, 2017

China Gears Up To Win WW3

Read the sub-caption. Our ancestors knew where we were going
if we did not keep the martial virtues.
The defense money is flowing like Niagara Falls into the hardcore global hardware that would only be used in worldwide thermonuclear war.

I told you about this on Vault-Co 16 years ago! I knew it was gonna get like this. As usual, I predicted things would move quicker than they actually have. Nevertheless, they moved. China is simply following the most logical course of action to insure it's own national survival by the most rational means possible - a strong deterrent to the current hegemon. Once called a sleeping dragon ... they ain't sleepin' no more. Funny how the United States had a forty year lead anticipating these developments and still blew it. China is roaring ahead in every category except maybe space-based weaponry but even then some think the U.S. is exaggerating their lead in order to give the impression they got more hardware up there ready to fly than they really have. Given that they lie about everything else that would be no cause for surprise.

One thing leads to another. Then that leads somewhere else altogether. I got the chain of causality right and I am not a crank. I was just an early bounder.

I heard it recently described very accurately in another article on World News Daily.

China is building nothing but clones of technology originally produced by Russia and America. Where they are not building clones they are building theoretical hardware proposed by the U.S. but never successfully produced - only talked about.

The problem is revealed when their implementation is examined closely.

Their clones are better versions than the original hardware. They have benefited from modifications made in response to years of data that America has gotten and not responded to.

Their clones are far superior versions of the originals. Think about that for a moment and what it reveals about the leadership of the United States. Somebody steals your tech and reproduces it with all the improvements you should have made yourself if your country wasn't disintegrating at every level culturally and economically. Sounds like several previous historical cycles with identical ends for empires.

America dreamed of the hypersonic carbon hulled long range unmanned bomber. They dreamed about it for decades. The Chinese built it and have demonstrated it. If these drones are carrying what I am almost certain they are carrying (low yield nuclear cluster bombs) then they are your worst nightmare when they appear in your skies. They will raze your cities in ways our ancestors only postulated in science fiction. I told you to over-engineer that shelter. This isn't your grandpa's thermonuclear war. This is the new sh*t.

Because it is so relevant ...

(P.S. Biggest flaw in the design of this aircraft was no remote admin facility like CD-OS)


Ave said...

>> (P.S. Biggest flaw in the design of this aircraft was no remote admin facility like CD-OS)

Yeah but at least it HAS one. Better than the aircraft we don't see at all in this movie because it never left the hangar, its OS existing only in the form of screenshots on the internet.

If you see what I mean.

John Deer said...

Its ironic that both of the Fedotof shorts fetishize nature.
Nature is what made humans what they are. Bad and good.

Kona Commuter said...

I hear the drums of war beating ever closer. I think it's to late for anyone other than the wealthy or super enthused to secure themselves from it. I'm stacking rice and wheat berries and hoping for the best. The plan sucks I know.

Texas Arcane said...


At least one episode of Vault-Co will be devoted to rapidly turning any underground space into a high quality nuclear shelter by simply driving up to it and using your car battery as the generator system. I know it sounds crazy but Cresson Kearney did the initial research into this proposition fifty years ago and it is as sound a notion as it ever was.

Bug-out bag(s), quick inventory and into the tunnel you go. You got A LOT better strategy at that point than the other 99% of the population. I can't wait to do this episode, it will be one of the best. This includes things like turning gas mask filters into air intakes and expedient blast valves. (People would be shocked at how effective a pile of rocks in a pit around your intake can be)

Ave said...

Tex, James M Dakin of Bison Newsletter fame ( ) has being walking the walk in the same time (12 years) that all I saw you do was posturing and posting pictures.

He explained in great detail his experiments with relying on a marine 12V DC battery, what kind of solar power, what kind of brands, which car bulbs to use etc. It involved a lot of disappointments and errors that we were hence spared off. He has valuable feedback from his readers, who also dabble and experiment.

It is certainly not "the best" in technical terms but in a survivalist perspective it is most certainly the best, because of the method. He has limited means and dabbles into fields he has limited knowledge of, you know, like we're all going to do once a completely new world sets in for the few survivors.

In the end he has a running system which has been trimmed of all excess fat down to the core when others talk about voice synthesis (*cough cough*)

You talk about it in the future tense, he talks about it in the past tense. He delivered.

So maybe you can stop stroking yourself and start releasing something we can actually use, for a change. When was the last time that happened ?

FrankNorman said...

The design of those "Fortress" aircraft seems oddly retro. Turbo-props, machine-gun turrets and gravity bombs?
I think that stand-off air-to-ground missiles will be more practical - that way the 'plane itself doesn't need to overfly the target.

But think of the deterrence factor there! An almost literal "dead-hand" retaliation system.
"Even if you somehow kill all of us, our machines will avenge us on their own."

Sam said...

For those that don't know what Tex is talking about to make quick nuclear survival shelters look at the left side of his mail page at "Nuclear War Survival Skills". Great stuff, research funded by the US gov. back when they actually did something useful.

If you can stay out of fallout for 6 weeks then you're 99.999% better than most everyone else. You need three feet of dirt or water or paper or whatever to do this. The thicker the material the better. Probably over five foot would be overkill. You could dig a simple trench shelter in a day or so.

The security cameras are getting real cheap. Here's a search term for ebay.

Top-201-IR H264 1MP Super HVR Mini IR IP Camera Home RTSP TCP/IP Night Vision

I'm going to have to get some of these and experiment. Use can use direct burial UF electrical cable to power them and if needed a wf-fi booster to extend the distance. The real problem is some of the cheap ones will let you monitor cameras in real time but only let you record with their cloud service. People are hacking them to get around it. I think the one I referenced above you can use with open source security camera software like iSpy and ZoneMinder. That's what you need as they can be modded to get what you want.

You might want to tie in some of these open source software systems into vaultOS. The ticket would be open source software on fanless motherboard computers with solid capacitors, no electrolytic capacitors. I don't know if anyone makes a non-electrolytic power supply. Be nice to have.

Texas Arcane said...


I now support 4 types of cheap IP cameras with nothing but a regex pattern matcher URL! You pick an empty window, configure the REST call from a dropdown box and boom! Your IP image appears! I think this can eventually support any camera with a little tweaking.

Will be putting this sample window up very soon in screenshot!

Sam said...

I think WWIII has been canceled or at least put on the back burner. What I've been bitching about for years is finally happening. The pedoState is being busted. Large scale arrest all over the country. With our the massive Jew controlled deep state there's no need for WWIII. I think WWIII was pushed by the Jews because they are losing control. So they start a war Chins/Russia vs. The US/the West. Everyone is blown to hell and back and the Jews sit in their shelters and rebuild for their new slave world order. Fortunately Putin was savvy and didn't rise to the occasion in the last aggressive acts of Obama administration. Now their real leverage, pedo blackmail, is being torn asunder. Without that they have nothing. Just a sick twisted Judopsychopath religion for a sick twisted psychopathic people. We should lock them all up in Israel and not let them out for 4,000 years.

Sam said...

"...I now support 4 types of cheap IP cameras with nothing but a regex pattern..."

That's excellent. You have so much crammed into so little.

You should look at this new Rebol GUI app builder by Nick. It's unbelievable.

Here's what he says about it,
"...Using the Rebol App Builder is similar in difficulty to operating visual 'no code' tools such as Scratch, Filemaker Pro, GDevelop, and others, which are meant to introduce children to programming, or to help non-programmers produce point-and-click applications. The Rebol App Builder is extraordinarily easy to understand, compared to writing code in traditional programming languages (Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Basic, Javascipt, etc.). Despite its simplicity, the Rebol App Builder can create a wider range of application types than popular no-code app builders. And instead of taking weeks, months, years, or decades, learning to create everything from graphics to network apps, business tools, games and puzzles, image manipulation apps, music apps, math apps, data processing apps of all sorts, web site apps, and more can be accomplished within a matter of hours, days, and weeks..."

I know I bother you about this too much but I really believe with your brains and the super speed of building apps with Rebol and soon to be Red you could make yourself a lot of money.

What you probably need is some smooth talking bullshitter to push your programming, you know the kind of guy that annoys you to death, and you pound out the code. You would be the boss though. The reason for the smooth talking bullshitter is all these managers are bullshitters themselves and can't take seriously anyone who's not full of it.

Your skills could be big time in remote viewing of say mining and stuff like that. You could also tie in to PLC stations and give real time feed back to managers. Aussie is large and traveling around takes a lot of time if you could give the guys in the cities a excuse to sit in their office I bet they would pay big bucks for it.

bicebicebice said...

" Sam said...
I think WWIII has been canceled or at least put on the back burner."

Sam said...

Sam said...
I think WWIII has been canceled or at least put on the back burner."

Hmm...WWIII and you post videos on Russia's debt being paid.


Sam said...

I ran across this rebol site that is no more but I found a copy on the internet archive. It's got a lot of networking stuff you might be interested in. Some of this may be of no use to you now but maybe in the future it might be handy so I'll link it and maybe you can save a copy.

Here's another link on,

REBOL/Services = lightweight network services (LNS

I know you don't think Rebol is all that or don't feel that it's worth the time after you've spent so much of your life with C and javascript but it's amazing what it does in a fraction of the space and a fraction of the different things to memorize. It's like Legos.