Friday, February 3, 2017

CD-OS : First New Look Screenshot 2017

This is not just a cosmetic shot. This is a sample after finishing off all the substructure of a grand windowing desktop. Believe it or not, this doesn't just run in a browser full-screen. It runs in Internet Explorer 6 with few differences with intelligent polyfills. Not visible in this shot is full real-time voice synthesizer which can annunciate all kinds of information that has been customized for this station. There are still gray areas and I have abandoned certain kinds of memory cleanup to the browser implementation. The problem with Javascript is that once loaded dynamically it remains in memory if any references remain to it in code. Hopefully my structure is seeing to it that the window contents are completely isolated from the wrapper around it to release it if the window is closed and the original script and div are erased. Otherwise this is amazing stuff to see running all asynchronously at once. What you see on screen isn't 1% of the functionality that is available. CD-OS really is a batcave in a box. A lot of the work was spent replacing all bitmaps with vectors either from a webfont file (compatible with IE 5.5) or a Raphael (VML/SVG back to IE5) image. This makes it pixel perfect no matter what device the browser is running on. I gradually realized over the last year that a lot of people would want to walk around with their mobile device managing their entire retreat/shelter/homestead and only vector drawn pictures and icons are truly portable.

The Dashboard is still underway, I have taken two stabs at it and have not decided where the user's custom data to lay it out should come from. I have a Flexbox layout that is intended to permit the user to simply decide what he wants to see from the shelter in a single window. It is supposed to have custom controls for all kinds of displays but I just have two kinds at the moment. There will be the facility for full vector SCADA controls in the dashboard but I have not gotten around to organizing them beyond the demo level yet.

Compare with this sad story from 2010 when I was still working on the whole architecture of everything. Looks like a special needs kid threw this together for his school report :


Ibn Nafis said...

Good job, Tex.

grant bovee said...


Ave said...

So, this exact version right here : what are the minimal requirements in hardware to get it running ?

podrag said...


snowyman said...

Looking good, have been watching this from the beginning slowly evolve. Waiting for a test Beta

Texas Arcane said...


Right now it compiles under any version of Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. More versions to come later. I broke the DOS-32 and Desqview builds about two years ago so they won't be available when V1 is released ... soon. MinGW or Open Watcom are best compilers at the moment for Win32.

Ave said...

@Tex : *any* version of Windows, like, Windows 3.11 ?
;) ;)

OK, about the hardware, will it run with a Pentium I computer for instance ?

Ibn Nafis said...

Tex, this might certainly interest you:

Texas Arcane said...


I would actually be fascinated to see if it could be compiled on Watcom and executed on Win-32 libs with W3.1 and run.

There is so little sophistication in it that almost all calls I know of are supported on the most ancient windows libraries, like ShellExecute and CreateProcess, Winsocket2, etc. ... the rest is pure public domain C code that compiles anywhere with a POSIX library. No minimum Pentium needed, should run on anything.