Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cast Iron Cookware, The Only Kitchen Pans You'll Ever Need

Nothing beats these pots and pans and they have had centuries to come up with something better. They cannot improve on perfection.

If it isn't stainless steel or cast iron, I would not even bother putting it away. They are not only strong and hardy but also most importantly - safe to eat off. Those non-stick pans are pure poison, throw'em out of your kitchen. You're mostly eating plastic with those things each morning along with your omelet. Truth is if we had consumer protection bureaus that gave a damn they'd be illegal to sell.


nfoe said...

What if polar bear liver is poisonous because of cadmium and not vitamin A?

I wish I could find the actual study.

nfoe said...

Cell membranes … that reminds me: