Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill Nye Gets Plenty Of Rope

Here's what we find out about Bill Nye, failed mechanical engineer :

Bill doesn't know that when ice core measurement instruments improved, it became obvious that all climate change is rapid climate change. The problem in the past was that the instruments were only precise down to thousands of years - so we were told it takes thousands of years for the climate to flipflip and toggle from cold to warm and back again. This was all wrong. This is well understood by any well informed laymen since the early 90's. It often takes less than 20 years for an interglacial event. The super rapid flipflop is the rule, not the exception.

Bill doesn't know that a single volcano in a single day routinely produces many orders of magnitude more ash and soot than the whole of mankind has produced in the past 200 years of industrial activity. This volcanic ash is more toxic and more dangerous in the air than anything humans have ever released. A single volcano has asphyxiated the mammals of an entire continent in the past in less than a week. Volcanos can black out the Sun for a hundred years and fire hundred ton masses into the air at escape velocity. Men and all their works are nothing in comparison. A nuclear war is like a girl scout jamboree compared to a super-eruption. A hundred years of draconian tyranny on Earth to eliminate "carbon emissions" could be ruined in one hour by any volcano on the planet merely clearing it's throat.

Bill doesn't know the Earth's climate has been ten times warmer with ten times the concentration of CO2 and apparently very healthy for life at the time indeed.

Bill doesn't know that people as smart as he is pretending to be never sound anything like him.

Bill Nye doesn't really know much of anything. He's just another klown on the televitzing device who has found an alternative to getting a real day job. Nye had a day job and got sacked so he gave up and sold his soul to the NWO for thirty pieces of silver.

Nye closes sounding like a comic book supervillain. What a ridiculous character, mental age of around 8.


Ibn Nafis said...

Feels good to see that arrogant guy humiliated.

Duke Norfolk said...

"He's just another klown on the televitzing device who has found an alternative to getting a real day job."

That's the bottom line on this clown. Nobody who isn't fully engaged in confirmation bias takes this jackass seriously. He has probably convinced himself that he's telling the truth, but that's just a sign of his weak mind.

MycroftJones said...

I knew ice core samples were a fraud when: when they said that ice cores were MORE accurate in places where there were no pesky tree rings to cross-compare them with!!! And vice versa; tree rings are MORE accurate when there are no ice cores to compare to.

Michael Baillie is essential reading on ice cores and tree rings, and the forgotten history of the Black Death (comets and meteors were involved, the global upheavals were more than just a plague and a cold spell.)

Gary said...

Kona Commuter said...

Way to be a Debbie Downer Tex :-(

Ron said...

Thanks for this Tex