Friday, February 24, 2017

A Bit More Cost-Co Recon My Last Day In Ringwood

I am well aware my post on the secret depopulation end-times underground tunnels resupply facility I discovered at Cost-Co was likely my craziest blog ever on Vault-Co. If I am nuts, at least I know I sound like it.

I was studying this place for three months. In my own defense, I'd like to show you a little more of the story that was not in the last post.

I will let you make up your own mind as to whether or not I am a lunatic. You be the judge.

I want to emphasize I am not trying to start anything and have no other agendas. In particular, if you work with Australian secret services and I have stumbled onto something that is supposed to be covert I want you to know all my readers are in universal agreement that I am a village idiot who has no hostile intents and no ulterior motives. All the photos below are taken from public sidewalks in free access areas and do not represent a desire to compromise any Australian secrets. My apologies if I have read more into what I am seeing than what is reasonable. Please do not put me on any kind of a list anywhere. I am a law abiding Australian citizen who is loyal to my generous host nation.

Next door to Cost-Co, accessed by what looked like a very expensive metal bridge crossing a drainage trench (no obvious reason for it connecting to Cost-Co), is the Ringwood Telstra Exchange building. This is a gigantic concrete pillbox that looks like it was designed to survive a nuclear war. Having worked in these facilities in the past I can assure you these buildings don't get any stronger in Australia. The public information on this place declares it to be a T1 backbone access point for the Pacific. It is obvious from the outside this place has at least one underground level beneath it and it lines up perfectly with the underground twin door access I saw in the Cost-Co basement.

The Ringwood exchange looks like a military compound. It is surrounded on all three sides that do not face the sidewalk by a fence with barbed wire. It appears to be designed to quite rapidly convert into an unassailable fortress if required.

Here we are looking from the nearby corner towards Cost-Co. At left you can see the Ringwood exchange. That's a gigantic microwave transmission tower sticking up there. Can reach anywhere in the world from here by landline or radio transmission. Would appear quite simple to inventory Cost-Co and then report to any authority without ever having to come aboveground or be exposed to the outside through what may be one or more underground connections.

This building is trying to look like an unoccupied brick veneer building that appears to have been closed up for several years. Beneath the fake brick trying to look cheap you can see it is actually a formidable thick concrete pillbox similar to the Ringwood exchange. Between the two buildings there is a steel grating which you can look down through and clearly see underground drainage at least 40 feet below street level. This building looks very likely to be connected both to Cost-Co and the Ringwood exchange. The windows are one-way polarized dark glass so nothing inside is visible. You could walk past this building a hundred times and never really notice it at all. No identifying marks on any wall to even give you a clue what this structure is for.

On the other side of the Cost-Co plaza, numerous underground car parks and ramps appear to provide access to all kinds of subterranean features. This Centrelink Medical building has many clues to indicate it might also be connected to Cost-Co running right under the street. Like the others pictured it is really solid under what is a fairly placid exterior. I saw large trucks at different times driving down that ramp and vanishing into the underground car park at left with security door. You might be capable of accessing four different structures all orbiting Cost-Co without ever coming aboveground if the conditions required it.

Right behind this last photograph is the M3 Highway and one of the largest underground aqueducts in South East Melbourne. Positing there might be some way to enter it from here, you could envisage somebody going all the way to the city of Melbourne underground without having to come topside. This aqueduct is easily large enough to accommodate all kinds of vehicles to drive through it judging by photographs of it. It is about as wide as a two lane highway. Did you see my "expedient shelter" entrance posted about below in another blog? That pipe which opened up into a much wider tunnel going back is directly behind this last photograph. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Melbourne is already a city with the largest secret underground of any nation on Earth and they've been spending billions on tunneling over the past decade with almost none of it revealed to the peasants who have paid for it. They provide the tax revenues and that is the last they hear of it. 

Before you give Texas credit for his amazing observation skills, I want to tell you about the photograph I can't publish up here because it has people in it who might get angry. One of the pictures I took in the parking lot with all four of these buildings around it in a circle has three people walking to their cars while they look at their mobile phones. Closed off each in his own private little world and unable to see what is around them because they are intently focused on Candy Crush or Angry Birds on the little screen. Matt Drudge in one of his very rare interviews on INFOWARS with Alex Jones called them "Information Ghettos" which might not necessarily have bars or fences around them but nevertheless succeed in distracting the masses whilst all around them their ruling classes prepare to exterminate them forever.

Maybe the truth is that Texas is no more observant than you are - it's just I am one of the few people who doesn't have his head so far up his ass he actually notices the world around him. I hate Angry Birds, too. The elites don't care about the 1% of cranks who survive. They are big picture guys who concentrate on the raw numbers. What is important is that 99% of the plebs gone and 99% of their club remaining. They care little about the exceptions because their efforts are wasted there.

Yes, Melbourne is a huge underground city of secrets with occult themes
everywhere you look if your head isn't stuck in your mobile. I see this
stuff every single day and it is ubiquitous. Melbourne is clearly intended
as a refuge for some when the time comes. Here we see underground entrance with
two statues of Atlas despairing ... did they drop the "world?"
UPDATE! Vault-Co reader "Ave" Spotted This Gem Across The Street From the Exchange on Google Earth! Very interesting stuff!!
Triangle faced woman kneels as crows escape a land erupting with rainbow fire ... ? 
Occultist/Graffiti Artist "Vexta" Hired After Cost-Co completed through complex international "street art" consortium that operates all across the planet with mysterious funding from "art connoisseurs!"

Alright, I'm done with this sh*t! It's getting too creepy for Texas around here! These illuminati types scare the crap out of me! This will be my last post on this Cost-Co anomaly and I hope you were entertained!

"... and don't come back, you Neanderthal asshole! You don't even want to know
about the special ingredients in that bean bake!"


Ave said...

I type as I use Google Earth & Google Street View : have you noticed that across the street to Costco (Market Street) there is a *Blood Donor Centre* !

This is very exciting in a Reloplaying Game perspective :) :)

Ave said...

On Google Street View, when you're just before the roundabout on Seymour Street (next to the Genesis sport studio), you can see photographs taken before Costco was even built. (It's a bit of a tricky spot : 37°48'54.70"S 145°13'29.34"E )

You can see the construction site of the Exchange, with two heavy digging machines. Not even one would have been necessary to level the ground. This means there is at least one story underground, which is something that is quite natural for a telecom exchange.

But the telecom exchange came here first, the Costco only afterwards.

Ave said...

37°48'54.16"S 145°13'29.01"E

A bit further we can see a third heavy digging machine, where the mysterious trench is located.


When driving up Bond Street ( 37°48'50.88"S 145°13'37.34"E ) we can see that 19, Ringwood has massive air conditioning ducts on its backside

Ave said...

( 19 , Ringwood Street being the "one-way polarized dark glass" building you've noticed before)

Ave said...

On 10, Ringwood Street (where the "Criminal Law" agency is) we can see a *satanist painting* of a naked woman of black colour in a prayer/submission posture. She has no face but a white triangle instead, which has with two red horns (!) and red circles where the eyes would be.

There is a profusion of black crows on the picture, the background being spiky shapes going from the bottom up (like, you know, in Hell)

How long before this post appears on Vigilant Citizen ? ;) ;)

Ave said...

Note : we can't see the satanist painting in most emplacements on Google Earth, I saw it at the following coordinates : 37°48'53.52"S 145°13'38.77"E

In the satanic picture, the face is looking at the other side of the street, exactly where the telecom exchange is...

Ave said...

The website of the artist, Vexta, which is replete of standard occult stuff (skulls, fallen angels... )

Given the protfolio and accomplishments of the artists, the painting is rather presitgious for, you know, a one-storey law practice in the middle of nowhere, next to a lousy Costco.

Ave said...

When you're in front on the telecom exchange and look up the street (in the direction you are driving twoards, actually) you see the stanic figure looking right at you.

Texas Arcane said...


Cool! I have been looking at it!

These photos it looks clean, well kept and brand new. Now it is largely boarded up, kind of dismal looking and all those former places boarded up. Also it appears the pedestrian walkway is blocked now. All those businesses are closed as of today.

Ave said...

>> All those businesses are closed as of today.

Even the Blood Bank ?

Just asking. This is quite an exciting adventure for a long February saturday...

Texas Arcane said...


Excellent find! The blood bank behind it was a bit too creepy! Vampire backup storage facility!

Definitely looked better after it was first built. There are also high wooden/stone fences around many of these lots that were open previously.

Looking around the map, the place IS creepy! You did it now, I got the confirmation bias!

Texas Arcane said...


What is your conclusion? All in my mind? Harmless use of underground space for retail warehouse? Regular telephone exchange like any other?

Ave said...

Okay, let's explore some more. The first Costco in Australia ( 331-383 Footscray Rd, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia ) has in its immediate proximity a ferris Wheel (apparently a known masonic/occult building of choice) which has the shape of a seven-pointed star.

Next to it is also the Olympic Training Centre for winter sports, which, given the climate of Australia, involves massive cooling and thus the electrical infrastructure to do it. (I like this, this looks like the AKIRA movie :) :) ( )

I guess that would be a good place to hide a massive computer centre or something else that would require a massive amount of cooling.

This is reinforced by those four massive warehouses in elegant shape and grey colour which seem to be all about cooling/refrigeration as well, given the lorries and truks one can see parked there. It would make sense technically, one installation to serve both purposes, allows for synergies and effects of scale. Which in turn reinforces the idea that there is a huge amount of refrigeration taking place there.

As for the Costco building itself, I find it shaped like a warship, and it sports dazzle camouflage ( ) which is something both military and symbolical.

Texas Arcane said...


I kind of wish I had never posted about this place. It is possible I stumbled onto something that wasn't meant to be noticed. I leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions and I volunteer I am full of crap and nothing I say should be taken seriously. This is just a harmless Cost-Co and nothing more.

Texas Arcane said...

@Ave Beginning to get a creepy Cosmic Pizza vibe.

Ave said...

Sorry Tex, I was busy investigating the first Costco.

Well you know this is all specualtion anyway, I do it for the thrills :)

Yeah I could definitely see connections here. Americans like to have control of their own infrastructure, and companies are often fronts/vehicles for that.

It could be anything, from military backup infrastructure to spying (or plain old coincidence ;) )

What this reminds me of is the SIGSALY ( ) coded telephone in Churchill's war cabinet in London, hidden in the reserved toilet, that enabled him to have secure communication with the USA.

Given the occult aspects it could be something elite-related as well. Symbols make for a special type of cypher that a machine cannot break (yet). One would have to have the reference-list to get it (this sykmbol means that except if there is that element as well, and it's looking this direction), but to get to it one would have to be trained like these elite guys, and this is clearly something no sane person would indiulge into.

Ave said...

The one in Syndeny ( 17-21 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australie ) doesn't seem to have something special.

Funny, if you recall that Idiocracy movie, the only place where there was still functioning infrastructure was the Costco, which was pretty much like a country in itself (a technological bubble in this wasteland, with an elaborate subway system, it even had a Time Masheen)

(I love making random connections like that)

I'll investigate the other Costco places in Australia.

Ave said...

In Canberra ( Australia's capital city), Costco is located in the immediate proximity of the International Airport ( 39-41 Mustang Ave, Majura Park -
Canberra Airport )

When I mean "immediate proximity" I mean that if you go behind the Costo you can see on one hand side the Costo and on the other side of the road the Airport's fences, then an impeccable lawn and then the runway less than 200 meters away.

The Costco is right next to the landing strip of the country's capital. To be exact, it can't be closer than it is presently, due to airport saftery rules.

I can see nothing strategic here. It is completely consistent with the company's target demographics and business model.

When I read "Mustang Avenue", I'm reminded of the super-creepy Denver International Airport, which has following scuplture :

(also affectionately called Blucifer)

Ave said...

Damn I forgot to save my comments about the two other Costcos on my disk :(

bicebicebice said...

"Itz just graffiti", that never gets removed, very "convenient", must be a "total coincidence", could also be "installation art".

You can't print a sign that says; this way to baby buggery, but if you use spray paint it in occult-mumble-hieroglyphics, then itz okay.

Really makes you think.

Ave said...

Because this is "They Live" stuff, when I did my internet search I listeedn to Synthwave music (nowadays recreation of 80's music)

Like this one
Sonic Mayhem - Futureland (feat. Power Glove) -

Or this one
Garth Knight - Break Point -

It's all about the proper mood :)

other cool stuff in that vein
Tesla Boy - Dream Machine (Silent Gloves Remix) -
ELECTRIC YOUTH - Tomorrow - (beware of nostalgia alert with the video clip)
Miami Nights 1984 - Sunset Cruise.avi -

Texas Arcane said...


Love that Future Retro Synthwave, I listen to it all the time!

Luke said...

I went to those coordinates on google maps and earth and I see the same wall with the same signs and windows and AC units but with no mural. I also tried looking from a few other spots and there was still just a blank wall.

Am I missing something, or did they pull the image from google?

Sam said...

As for the vents. I would assume that they have normal storm drains on the side of the road like in the States??? If so you damn sure don't need drains 40 feet deep below. My guess is it's air vents. If it was for movement of people alone you wouldn't need the steel grills. The grills mystify a bit because of their easy access.

I think there's underground stuff all over that they don't tell us about. Maybe that's where to two trillion missing out of the Defense budget in the USA went.

The Atlas statues entrance is really creepy. They do seem to still be holding up the portal they are in charge of.

You think the Australian service exchange building is creepy look at the 33 Thomas Street | AT&T Long Lines Building in NYC.