Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vault-Co Took 20 Years To Hit The Mainstream

Never a better time to release CD-OS than 2017. Perfect timing all around.

First they call you insane.

Then they ignore you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win.

Turns out, we were just early bounders.


Ave said...

Tex, I'm been listening to this since I arrived at the Oz forum back in *2004*.

At that stage Vault-OS looks like the cousin of the Joint Strike Fighter / F-35 program, except that the JSF had wood mockups and then even some planes that somehow flew.

Show, don't tell.

What you could do right now, in less than an hour, would be to dump all your files from the past years somewhere we can download it. As it is. No explanations, no support, nothing. Just the files. Takes less than an hour.

bicebicebice said...


cheddarman said...

Not enough Neanderthal DNA in the mainstream!

Texas Arcane said...


I just discovered how to do real time speech synthesis IN THE BROWSER for IE6!!! Surely you don't want me to release version one without this present! :) C'mon!

HalibetLector said...

Oh look, somebody has finally admitted that "fluorinated compounds" are bad for you.

HalibetLector said...

Oh, look. Somebody respectable has finally admitted that "fluorinated compounds" are bad for you. Yet another thing the paranoids at Vault-Co were right about.

Kona Commuter said...

The deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma says the US Congress is “transfixed on war and destruction,” after it issued an order to evaluate the ‘survivability’ of Russian and Chinese leaders in the event of a nuclear exchange.

A "Color Revolution" is under way in America

It's begun: America's Maidan rears its head


Ave said...

Tex, you are increasingly getting lost in "feature creep". Nobody asked for speech synthesis and if you look hard at it, it actually decreases the product's perceived reliability.

Here is what I understood Vault-OS could be : a sensor station.

Focus on the core features and you will have something to show. Never mind the inventory features, by now everybody serious about survivalism has its own system and is not going to migrate it to yours. Besides, one can do inventory with paper and pencils.

Several years ago, when you were talking about CANBUS, Vault-OS looked very promising. A rugged, simple tool to monitor different things such as radiation levels, gas concentration (O2, CO and CO2 etc), remaining energy in the batteries etc.

Then you started to post pictures of Star Trek interfaces and I felt you were going astray. Now it feels that you opened a dozen of cans of worms and we'll never see the end of it. In a few years you'll be retired and then shelve these things altogether.

Here is a short specification of what you could do :

Mission : sensor station

By decreasing order of importance :

Critical :
- absolute reliability (you can litteraly bet your life on it)

Non-critical :
- simplicity of use (a ten-year old can be taught to use it in less than ten minutes and will be able to operate it)
- ease of maintenance
- low power consumption
- can be assembled by user using commonly available components
- can be done inexpensively

Once you posted a picture of an interface with early Eighties-style features, something akin to browsing through one's BIOS. This is the spirit, I think.

If you ask me, I would envision the follwoing :
- based on Raspberry Pi
- using either a small screen (car parking camera screen) or some 800x640 quartz screen you once posted about
- using only a keyboard, no mouse
- runs on a 12V DC car battery

bicebicebice said...

"Oh look, somebody has finally admitted that "fluorinated compounds" are bad for you." Buy a water filter from Alex Jones or his colloidal silver drops. Itz was always here in your own home. Many such cases. Sad!

Texas Arcane said...


It's going to be worth it, wait and see. The speech synthesis built in will push it over the top into ultimate greatness. You will see, I have done something in CD-OS that will be described as unbelievable by many people even after they have seen it all running. It still fits onto a floppy. It almost has everything you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams for a shelter or retreat. Wait just a little longer, it's been 20 years so what harm another 30 days?

Lots and lots of this code has been debugged in real industrial settings. It is already hardcore stuff that has run for months/years unattended. I am sure a few bugs will be produced when it is released, we will fix them and then it will be rock solid.

Ave said...

Wait Tex, you're telling this is something we could have had 20 years ago ?? Like, I could have set it up in my basement ten years ago already ?

Well at least release the "barebones" version.

30 days may be too short. Trump is hitting hard and fast and if his enemies can't get him with their pussy colour revolution then they'll kill him.

But you can forget the fancy limousine and the Carcano carbine, these guys pulled 9/11, this time it's going to be a NUCLEAR TERRORIST ATTACK in which they will wipe the capital in the process and seize complete (+feodal) power. You know it'll come down to that. Nukes might fly by Easter.

So get the barbones version out now while there is still time.

Cue Threads : "This is a joinery, not a timberyard !" *air raid sirens start roaring*