Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unprosecuted, Untouchable, Unaccusable

Massive protection by police forces themselves and sometimes transportation for child sex slaves.

Belgium has the strictest gun laws in Europe, probably enacted by the same aristocrats discussed here. Pedophiles don't need to deal with mommies and daddies packing. It's their worst nightmare. Help pedophiles everywhere sleep safely at night knowing their victims and entire stratums of society are completely at their mercy.

Peds know that gun laws work - to protect psychotic criminals. Help turn mankind into helpless victims and make gun ownership illegal for anybody but the policemen. This way when they show up to pick up your toddler for the dog fighting sex orgies they won't have to worry about catching a bullet from an angry parent or guardian.

The problem with trusting in mans better angels is that even the most meagre knowledge of history proves beyond any fraction of a doubt that man has no better angels.


Kona Commuter said...

David Icke has been going on about this for decades as has Alex Jones.

Operation Yewtree in the UK went "sideways" just after investigators said they were investigating members of parliament (present and past) as well as murmurings of the Royal Family.

The UN is on record for spiriting away child rapist UN soldiers (including those from first world nations... I'm looking at you France) when they were accused / caught when they were "protecting" civilians in war zones

When asked about the UN's legacy, the then Cambodian president said "Child prostitution and sexual diseases".

Sam said...

Trump could actually break this whole thing up. He could use 9-11 and the complete nonsense of building #7's fall. Building #7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air for around 108 feet. If the building fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air, well gravity is the same for the rock as the building so that means the building was supported by...air. Well we all know the building wasn't hovering in the air.

He could take out the whole top 10% of ALL the security apparatus after going on live television and saying exactly the same thing that I just said. Tell them they failed to protect the country and can't be trusted. They would be able to say nothing. They would lose their power and ability to strike back. Maybe not all but them using the government allows them to cover up. No government role, no cover up. We'll see. Maybe 6 months, maybe a year. After that there will be little hope of reform. He will just be another failure. It's going to take drastic action to clean this mess up.

Ron said...

man has no better angels

No my friend, on this you are wrong. The problem is that the angels are not suckers. They don't help retards.

Alan Gould said...

This has thoroughly ruined what was otherwise an excellent day. I wonder where these things have built bunkers and hideouts for the coming war. Wouldn't it just be glorious to be waiting for them when they emerge? The only consolation I can find is the thought of these objects being stalked and hunted across the ice by Neanderthals...

bicebicebice said...