Monday, January 23, 2017

Serious Measles Epidemic In Those Who Got Vaccinated

The orthodox community has been hit particularly hard!

I am disappointed - the Talmud permits you to be injected with gentile manufactured blood and animal products? You can't eat pork but can be injected with cells cultured in porcine flesh? I don't think so. Those vaccines are filthier than any food proscribed by Torah! If animal wastes cultured in heavy metals are not "unclean" then what in God's name is?!?


bicebicebice said...

"I don't know who's Jewing who anymore."

Maybe they started to believe in their own lies, again? Seems to be a recurring theme with that lot. With Thalish autistic truth-telling itz impossible to go wrong, unless you start calling the truth-tellers liars, of course.

Hoist by own petard.

MycroftJones said...

I think specifically, the Talmud says "The Law of the land is the Law". So they had to comply or leave California. Can you imagine all the Orthodox Jews leaving California? It is like a second Israel; beautiful climate, fertile soil, etc. For a long time, Orthodox Jews have been silently backing up Jehovah's Witnesses on the (refusal to) have blood injections.

government will abuse all who tell truth said...

Do orthodox Jews refuse blood transfusions to mothers bleeding out after C-section?

MycroftJones said...

@government I don't know, but I THINK (speculation here) is that the answer would be "no, they wouldn't forbid it, the preservation of Life, especially Jewish Life, takes precedence over every other mitzvah, because it is the ultimate aim and purpose of all the mitzvot". Judaism puts priority on the life here and now, rather than the afterlife.

government will abuse all who tell truth said...

My speculation is that no civilized life form would condemn people to death by lack of blood transfusion.