Friday, January 20, 2017

Science Concedes Epigenetics is Determinative

This confirms much of my thinking in recent years on the role of epigenetic expression.

Wooden headed closeminded Darwinists believe that you cannot be molded after the moment of conception by other forces. This is patently wrong. The hard science says you can be altered dramatically during the first few years of life and substantially even well into your sixties!

If you strength train at any age you are altering your entire physiology and activating genes that are dormant in other people. Strength training is one of the largest natural producers of methylation to trigger protein synthesis of dormant genes. Athletes knew this fifty years ago before scientists figured it out.

Scientists have begun to understand that phenotypes can alter and even become heritable without the underlying genotype changing. I am convinced now in a radical revision of my previous ideas, one of the single most incredible phenotypal changes that men can undergo is to switch from warm weather frame ("Cro-Magnon") to cold weather frame ("Neanderthal") and still ultimately be men underneath all of that, no matter how dramatically altered they may be. Most amazing, it ends my certainty that Cro-Magnons were genetically engineered to kill Neanderthals. Or if they were, it was not much of a difficult change to trigger because the information was already there. It is possible that there is an enormous amount of information here I still don't understand fully and may never know. I feel that my new paradigm is closer to the truth than I have ever been and may be as close as I will ever get.

Different brain architecture for different hominids. All in the same gene pool.


nfoe said...

I think hormones are can build bodies with different morphologies. I saw a biochemical mechanism that suggested that there is a feedback machanism somewhere.

For example, testosterone produces many male characteristics without a Y chromosome. Adrenal disorders can make women grow facial hair despite the same limitation.

Treating plants with hormones can simulate the variations seen in other cultivars. Uprightness is one trait. Plant breeding is stuck in a rut trying to find Mendelian roots of disease resistance. Some are talk about “polygenic traits” but general resistance to disease is not Mendelian.

Goethe wrote a treatise on plants that described the plants as having not various organs but only one structure that underwent morphological changes and so took on diverse forms like leaves, sepals, petals, fruit, seeds, etc.

A thoroughly proven methylation experiment is the licked-rat experiment. Licked rats had demethylation in a part of their brain that could be reversed by methionine injections. Carroll Quigley said some 50 years earlier that the instinct to be a functioning member of society depended on hormones and could not be forced on them by on legislation and other rules, which were something that appeared as a reaction that did not protect society from deterioration.

Jean Gautier said that endocrinological characteristics can be made to persist in offspring. I have yet to verify this. He also said that he could bring children with Down’s syndrome to normality by (3rd) puberty by treatment with thyroxin. Fetal alcohol syndrome children also have depressed IQ and squashed features. Alcohol (and sugar) affect the thyroid. Perhaps there is a connection here? Weston A. Price described the “crushed” middle third of the face that appeared in certain kinds of malnourishment.

The effect of thyroxin on mental function is most pronounced - without it, mammals are like vegetables.

Miles Mathis write a paper about enzymes modifying DNA. I have not verified his charge theory so this is on the shelf, too.

cheddarman said...

Tex, how do you reconcile epigentic changes causing expression of cromagnon vs neandertal phenotypes with the apparent extinction of neandertals by cromagnons? Were these events just tribal battles with the winners eating the loosers then?

Texas Arcane said...


Long settled solid cold type "ants" were invaded by locust hordes of cheap much more lightweight "grasshopper" types who overran them easily with their numbers. The resulting hybrid of the two opposites then dominated Europe over either breed. The composite man wiped out any non-composites with his larger share of brains in his own population from the slave castes and adopted peoples they ruled over. The result was a large share of Cro-Magnons with many good hybridised genes from Neanderthals and retention of the "Aspergers" type hybrids who were their problem solvers and innovators.

Rowan said...

Just what I've been thinking. We class things together as a species simply because they a) they look the same and b) they genetically cluster together. But rabbits living in the arctic will of course require similar genes to live in the same area and they will breed together, thus clustering their genes. Rabbits living in the desert will do the same. They are both simply rabbits.

Wooly Mammoths and Saber Tooth Cats may be making a comeback during the next ice age as we still have elephants and cats with a massive stockpile of genes.

Hell, all the mega fauna may be coming back, having a large thermal mass is helpful in the cold. The new Wooly Mammoths might not been a perfect genetic match but the old ones but they will have most the similar features. Survivors keep stockpiles of food, water and genes...

It goes even deeper, most single cell lifeforms exchange genes with one another... then there's Fred Hoyle...

Although Fred Hoyle did not explicitly state it in his books (that I know of). The complexity and variety of genes in higher lifeforms can't be explained by working mutations. There's simply not enough time for them to happen. But if we exchange genes with bacteria? The cup of kefir I drink each day contains several trillion bacteria which were all produced in a single day. That's a lot of combinations looking for mutations...

Life is more magical, mystical and amazing than anyone wants to believe.

cheddarman said...

Tex, thanks for the clarification.

Sam said...

Here is something recently ran across that says it's a powerful way to influence the bodies natural adaptations. The Wim Hof Breathing Method. This guy has the world record for staying in ice water. He almost climbed Mt. Everest wearing only a pair of shorts and shoes. He says the these breathing exercises raise the ph of the body. He's had Swedish medical doctors analyze him while he does this stuff and there's papers written up on it. While in ice water he can raise his body core temperature. Another interesting thing is he studied the Tibetan and Swami gurus and he says he's doing the same thing but being a Westerner he boils the whole thing down where anyone can learn to do it in a few weeks. I haven't tried this yet but it looks intriguing. A search term below.

"The Wim Hof Method in Detail_ How You Can Benefit"

A good interview with Joe Rogan

Searching for "Wim Hof Breathing Method" will get you a lot of links. Mostly his method is free on line but he sells a course with some extras. Make sure you don't do this standing up or in a bath tub. Some people have passed out and drowned in the tub doing this when they were not used to doing this kind of deep breathing.

MycroftJones said...

Of course, religious practices also have epigenetic effects. The Armenians were Christian, but they adopted the 5 books of Moses as their national constitution 2000 years ago, and it is widely known that Armenians outmaneuver Jews in business regularly. They also adopted some mild eugenic rules, and as a result, they've gotten rid of almost all hereditary illnesses.

Sam said...

" is widely known that Armenians outmaneuver Jews in business regularly..."

So the Jews wiped a huge number of them out just like they're trying to do to Whites.

cbenediccengi said...

I was fascinated by my discovery of the Russian martial art Systema - the System - years ago. Like a casual outside observer I didn't know what the hell they were on about. After years of casual study relating to bio-eneregetics and the fascia system of the body and how it relates to the mind-body connection, I discovered the system had a lot of scientific validity to it. If your interested you could check out the works of: Konstantin Komarov (Systema), Thomas Myers, Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, George Roth, Norman Doidge. Also, the best nutritionist I've bumped into is Nora Gedgaudas - whose meticulous research has solidly demonstrated that northern peoples did not just survive as top level carnivores, but thrived on such a high fat diet, while truly eating 'nose-to-tail'. Also, some of these individuals - particularly Nora - touches on the epigenetic influence environment has on cellular expression.
Thoroughly enjoy your blog, thanks for the effort you put into it.