Thursday, January 19, 2017

Epigenetics Makes Bunkum of Evolution

Admitting it has all happened before is admitting there is pre-encoded information in the nucleus of every living cell.

If all forms of genetic expression are varying forms that are pre-encoded as environmental reactions to stress with full adaptive responses as a part of that expression then it means three things :

  1. What was formerly labeled "junk" in the genome is the kernel of the operating system of life
  2. Evolution is completely unnecessary and irrational
  3. There is a Supreme Being who is smarter than mankind could possibly comprehend

Neodarwinism is so decadent, regressive and closeminded it has ceased to be relevant in this conversation.

This means a penguin is not a genetic dead end. It's still a bird - and given optimal conditions it could once again rapidly display the means of flight all over again. The "dinosaurs" were therapod variations of ovapoids (hollow bones, warm blooded, covered with feathers, lay eggs) who lost the power of flight and dwelled on the ground for countless hundreds of millions of years ... then once again regained the ability to fly. After all, a bird is a bird will always be a bird. Having trouble wrapping your mind around this? That's probably because the evidence is in stark opposition to the crap you were brainwashed to believe. Incredible as it sounds, the tyrant Lysenko in the Soviet Union was actually closer to the truth than most of the "scientists" in the West.

That's why no matter how crazy it sounds to ordinary people, I decided many years ago that nuclear war was a very common occurrence in history. Extraordinarily common, in fact. I decided that many of the "meteor craters" we see scattered around are more likely the result of mega-nuke detonation groundbursts designed to spread dirty fallout. Geologists find these layers of dust and can't explain why they are highly radioactive.


cheddarman said...

So the Neanderthals will stage a comeback in the next ice age?

Sam said...

"...While wheat has fewer pairs of chromosomes than humans, it has a greater number of genes, with an estimated 164,000 to 334,000 genes, compared to 20,000 to 25,000 genes for a human. A gene is a stretch of DNA which holds specific instructions for an organism’s structure or function..."

Wonder what's in there?

SergeiSiminov84 said...

My favourite : promote Darwinism / evolution to the nth degree.
All the while promoting homosexuality.
Technically, a lifestyle that is in & of itself, an evolutionary dead-end.

They just want their cake & to eat it to.

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