Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brisk and Lively

Ice Age Death Storm approaches Britain, government can only flail helplessly and screech about incandescent light bulbs. Worse than useless.


Ron said...

first off, I recommend everyone pickup a copy of this:

it's dungeons and dragons, only a lot cooler, and old style. You'll need it if things go bad, and if things go really good, it's a great game system.

Second, I'm trying the Wim Hof breathing method, he figured out a way to activate the inner heating system, and although I have not gone through the entire system yet, I've seen some gains and I am hopeful. Basicaly, you'll be able to walk up and down snow covered mountains wearing shorts and nothing else.

Good luck guys, and remember, God can always turn the heat back on if He wants to!

Alan Gould said...

I took a train across England yesterday, including about 100 miles along the Eastern coastline. Overall the damage was light to moderate; a few flooded roads and houses, and some uprooted trees. This particular storm was exaggerated. It is worth saying that the British press tend towards hysteria over weather events. This is because until quite recently,
weather patterns have been so extremely monotonous that the public's attitude towards more serious events has been akin to that of a 12 year old girl on a ghost ride; 'scared' in theory, but so certain of their actual safety that the fear isn't genuine. About 8 years ago, however, we started to get real winters, with significant snowfall. Every time this has happened, our infrastructure has failed. Beyond an inch or two of snow depth, the rail and road systems close down, emergency services and post cannot function, and airports shut. This is despite an increasingly consistent climate pattern that has become steadily more pronounced for nearly a decade now, and several months in which to prepare. Obviously, stockpiling for the winter is a quaint, outdated tradition unnecessary in a liberal utopia. Didn't they promise abundance for all? Perhaps selected Peter made himself scarce.

Alan Gould said...

My understanding is that this weather system did more damage on the Continent; Blizzards in Athens, and Sea Ice on the Adriatic forming in air temperatures of thirty below. There were deaths, too.

Hard to emphasise enough how unprecedented is the icing up of the Mediterranean as if it were the Baltic or the Arctic Ocean. The Hellenes disbelieved and ridiculed Pytheas for describing the phenomenon of Sea Ice when searching for Thule 2300 years ago. This is something that has been unheard of for literally thousands of years.

Ave said...

In my lifetime we had lots of colder periods in Europe and for a longer time in a row.

What we're having now in France are energy "conservation" programs like it's 1979 all over again. In Paris for instance they have introduced a byzantine sticker system in order to better restrict circulation.

I guess having to pay a hefty bill to Gazprom AND trying to perfect a toll-based economy ("you want energy ? First you have to pay a toll to have a right to access it and pay it...") is much more to blame than the first real winter in years.

Alan Gould said...

Obviously, it's not REALLY winter until Doggerland feels the wind on its face again.

I look forward to staking my claim on the reindeer swarming tundra :)

Texas Arcane said...

@Alan Gould

Don't you think it is time the British government started to plan for colder weather? They have had egg on their faces so many times now they should start wearing an omelet helmet.

Alan Gould said...

@Texas Arcane

Why stop once you've started? Seems you really can learn to love the taste of mingled snot and yolk dripping off your philtrum.

And when the air temperature drops sufficiently, you've got yourself a salty ice-lolly...