Saturday, January 28, 2017

Awesome Mini-ITX Rig From Surplus Ammo Can

This was pretty cool. Could be waterproofed or made water resistant pretty easily. Cheap compared to many of the alternatives.

If you want to spend a lot more money you can get a pretty good looking case in a similar style here as a custom housing. I'd recommend the genuine surplus ammo can because it is tougher and comes with a rubber seal in the lid. I've picked these up for $10 or thereabouts. Mounting the screen in the face is a good idea if you mount it behind a piece of plexiglass on the inside.

It's convenient to just grab it by the handle on top and move it around without worrying a slight bump  or a jar is going to render it inoperable like a regular desktop computer. I like that idea if the computer is not intended to be mounted in place and could be relocated occasionally.

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