Friday, December 16, 2016

The Neanderthal Dreamer Constructs A Civilisation, The Cro-Magnon Mob Tears It Down

This is why the Glubb Limit is at 10 generations.

5 Generations for it to reach it's nadir while the majority get their boots on, 5 generations for them to march through the institutions and destroy it all.

"Civilizations" criminalise the Neanderthals who built them as soon as they get situated and the foundations are then undermined by opportunists who believe any successful crime for which they are not prosecuted is proof of one's industriousness.

Opportunists lauded as ambitious accelerate every single natural and organic process of decay and block attempts at remedy. Each man who observes no principles other than advantage is freed up to attack the sacred, which is why the loss of religious faith always puts the society on greased rails to the bottom.

The capacity to even imagine the world better than it is now is all legacy of the Neanderthal. (Read entire article to see just how desperate science is to conceal it. Incidentally, I have eavesdropped on one of the sources for this article and can tell you that in his private email discussions he openly admits it without qualification.)

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Gary said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and these links Tex.
I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

I noted in the inverse article this line: 'Using human fetal brain tissue, the team I worked on was able to show that DUF1220 expression turns on right when human cortical brain development begins ramping up'

One can only hope that wasn't a murdered baby. What a sick world we inhabit.