Thursday, December 1, 2016

Minix 3

If you're a frequent reader of this blog you need no exposition. Listen to what the guy is saying and think about the applicability to our needs as survivalists.

ARM version is downloadable at site. I just bought an Orange PI for $10.
Also, the basic design of CD-OS is essentially inspired entirely from Tanenbaum's ideas in his original MINIX book. I was using them before they were called "Microservices" as a paradigm. A long time before because I had read this guy's book. My messages have always been asynchronous but I have variable length for convenience. (Formerly in JSON, now converted to STOMP .ini style format in middle of 2016) This is the reason my web server has been deployed to industrial sites and simply run forever without a single hitch for months and even years. My own clients have told me my embedded stuff will put me in the poorhouse because it never needs maintenance or repairs. I talked to somebody from a mining company just the week prior and he told me my networked weather station running on a solar panel in a toolshed was nearly demolished because nobody has had to go in there since 2011. They thought I was crazy when I replaced their Lithium battery with a slow discharge capacitor. Now marching for five years without a single stumble.


MycroftJones said...

I often why people use Microsoft INI style of configuration, instead of MIME style. MIME is already used for so many things.

Texas Arcane said...


I found a zero allocation static in-memory parser for .INI and modified it to take extended expressions for section names to describe parent & child relationships with STOMP.

I had CD-OS working with JSON but the memory allocation and release was ridiculous and on-going with heavy testing. I have since switched to the JSON pure lua encoder for my AJAX return values and done away with much hardcoding of these kinds of service functions. Memory allocation is done at startup and does not change after that, this is in Lua config as well to keep the mallocs under control. Sooner or later they break something.

Sam said...

Just thinking out loud and I realize this would take some work but what is possible? Minix has a stable kernel. They are linking the NetBSD userland. I think they have some X windows stuff done but I don't believe they are complete. There is a listing of the userland for NetBSD on the Minix site. I assume most of the common functions are there for networking and input output. Ok I ran across this old Rebol download page that has a ton of different downloads for a huge amount of operating systems and processors including a bunch of NetBSD. The good thing is Rebol, has a built in GUI and networking so you could use Minix as the kernel and have it pass messages to Rebol to display with it's built in GUI. The bad is it's Rebol The latest being Rebol but it's for OpenBSD. Could the OpenBSD work??? Not sure. Didn't OpenBSD forked from Net.

Yes I know this is all a lot easier said than done I'm just noting that there are some possibilities.

Kona Commuter said...

From your sidebar ->

I appreciate you're a busy man. But could you dumb that down for me? It's going over my head yet at the same time it's making sense. Wave rock? I can see that being from intelligent source rather than wind erosion.

Thanks in advance

Ibn Nafis said...

Tex I have a question to ask
Are you sure neanderthals were matriarchal ? why do you accept it ? Matriarchy is R-selected
just look at the bonoboes in Africa how they behave this is gross. Why do you think an exogamous matriarchy as you called it is superior ? The fact that they were matriarchal frustrates me, It makes me feel bad, maybe that's why Cro-mags beat them, wouldn't have it been better if they were patriarchal ? they would have dominated the planet
Were men like, dominated & governed by women in neanderthal tribes, how did they behave ? How do you know they were an exogamous matriarchy ?
Thank you for infos man, such as the skull pic you gave me. I like to know about them. Have a good day man.

Ibn Nafis said...

"6. If we find out that our remnant Neanderthal DNA is matrilineal then it points the finger at Neanderthal women for having left their men for the guys with the better tool kit."

See ? This is the kind of things which really make me feel bad. It makes me tighten my fist man. This is really too bad, regrettable.

Ave said...

As always excellent news.

Do you think you'll come up with something for us when you'll be retired ?

I like the Raspberry PI idea, I feel it's still going to be present in fifteen years or so.

Adam Timbermann said...

I read the article about Devil's Tower being a tree stump...

The Wyoming Coal fields are said to have been created by plant matter subject to heat and pressure... 4 feet of plant matter to make one foot of peat. 12 feet of peat to make one foot of coal. That would mean the 1000 foot deep Wyoming fields... were plant matter stacked 10 miles thick. That would be a lot of leaves and tree branches. Like the kind of debris you would get left over from logging a 6 km tall tree... or other trees like it.

Is there a connection between Carbon and Silicon?

Is there a connection between the Silicon based organisms and Silicon computer chips? Could there be?

nfoe said...

@Ibn Nafis

The answers you seek can be found in the book
"Dernières et nouvelles connaissances sur l'homme"
A copy may be found on the web?
But you would probably need OCR and Google translate also.

nfoe said...

@ Adam Timbermann

Osmotic growth - for your consideration:

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

The truth says it all right in the fossils. At the time they were backed out onto the Iberian Peninsula, the Neanderthals were outnumbered 1000-to-1 in very conservative estimates.

The men were eaten. Their bones are left in campfires all over this region. The women were taken away by force. Stan Gooch, a man far ahead of his time, estimated between 75,000 and 300,000 females were taken away as captives from the last major conflict in Iberia. At least half of those women died from blood loss in their first pregnancy from rape due to the RH clotting factor. These two breeds were never meant to be intermixed.

The nature of the encounters was pretty obvious. For a variety of reasons, some of them very sensible, no Cro-Magnon ever fought a Neanderthal at close range. If nothing else, there is very solid scientific evidence to indicate a single scratch or bite from a Neanderthal could kill a Cro-Magnon with flesh eating staph in 24 hours. Staph to this day contains Neanderthals DNA markers as if it existed harmless on them but would have been instant death sentence to Cro-Magnons. All their attacks took place with spear throwing and the evidence indicates it was not unusual for a Neanderthal to have 300+ spears or more thrown at him at one time.

This part is conjecture from me. With little evidence other than mythology (Celtics about the Tuatha De Danann) I postulate that the boys from these unions were chained to a post in the middle of villages and tasked to make weapons for the Cro-Magnons. I have other theories about this period of caste slavery that are also hobbled together with sparse evidence but the main ideas above have solid support from hard sciences.

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

I wanted to add that I believe that the huge numbers of Basque people and Welsh and Irish who have some form of "Bloch/Black/Blochar/Bloc" in their last names are due to a caste slavery practice of forcing Neanderthals to cover themselves in black pitch at all times to distinguish them as subhuman when they were in the village. This would assist greatly in preventing trysts between Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal trophy brides with the slaves if they were dehumanized by requiring them to be covered in pitch at all times. I believe my own last name is a direct example of this.

This is also the reason in Celtic mythology that the Tuatha De Danann are described as "concealed in tar" after their defeat and enslavement.

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

Your problem with the matriarchy is that you are imagining women with a 1000 cc brain being in charge of the tribe. Women with an 1800cc brain is another matter altogether. Such women would be radically psychologically different from most women living today. Also, a matriarchy would only govern inside the village. Outside it would be the province of men.

The Neanderthals were not defeated because they were a matriarchy. They were defeated because they were colossally outnumbered by Cro-Magnons. As often happens, quantity trumps quality.

Ibn Nafis said...


I will check it out thanks man. It's okay for google translate, I'm fluent in French.


Woah thanks for all of this man. Impressive how you can know a lot from people who lived a long time ago. Okay thank you for clarifying some points.

styrac1 said...

Tribe of Dan: Sons of Israel, or of Greek enforcers hired by Canaanite overlords to "keep order"?

Kona Commuter said...

Tex - What is your point of view regarding Yowies / Sasquatch / Big Foot?

I'm interested in them as someone told me he'd seen one in the area I'm exploring. I'm pretty sure I don't want to come across one should they exist though

Takudzwa Aywok said...

They're finally catching up, Tex.

Kyle Duck said...

Dinosaur feathers found:

bicebicebice said...

MycroftJones said...

Matriarchy limits quantity. Been running some interesting demographic simulations.

nfoe said...

The earth IS moving.

nfoe said...

I'm not sure if this got through last time:

To quote:

"Is it possible to doubt that the simple conditions which produce an osmotic growth have frequently been realized during the past ages of the earth ? What part has osmotic growth played in the evolution of living forms, and what traces of its action may we hope to find to-day ? Osmotic growth gives us fibrous silicates, phosphatic nodules, corals, and madrepores ; it also gives us formations which remind one of the "atolls," calcareous growths rising like a crown out of the water.

"The geologist may well consider what rôle osmotic growth may have played in the formation of the various rocks, siliceous, calcareous, barytic, magnesian, the fibrous and nodular rocks and atolls. The palaeontologist relies on the different forms found in his rocks to classify his specimens ; from the existence of a shell, he concludes the presence of life. Since, however, forms which are apparently organic may be merely the product of osmotic growth, it is evident that he must reconsider his conclusions. The same may be said of the various forms of coral or of fungoid growths. In the presence of a calcified or silicated fungus we can no longer argue with certainty as to the existence of life, without taking into consideration the possibility that the specimen in question may be an osmotic production."

– Stephane LeDuc, The Mechanism of Live

Ibn Nafis said...

man shit I don't like that that's bad news

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

Horrible. Monstrous. So vile to do that to children who are vulnerable.

bicebicebice said...

This time we won't ge away with it. Good thinkg you move to Australia, Tex.

https ://

Ibn Nafis said...

@MycroftJones What do you mean it limits quantity ? I don't think matriarchy itself limited the quantity of Neanderthals, rather it was just the environmental pressure of glacial Europe, and the K-selection it caused

MycroftJones said...

nfoe, Sagnac is discussed and addressed by Robert Sungenis. Highly recommend you watch Sungenis documentary, "Journey to the Center of the Universe"

MycroftJones said...

Ibn Nafis, I mean, under matriarchy, fewer children are born. That is just how it is.