Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lies! Neanderthals Never Ate People!

They got a big long winded diatribe here.

Unfortunately they left out the 90% of detractors who already established that this site was a massacre of Neanderthals by Cro-Magnon cannibals.

Never believe these stories! They are noteworthy because of what they always omit!

I have a thousand other examples of anthropologists breathlessly claiming they have finally found evidence that Neanderthals murdered women or children - or engaged in cannibalism. The instant you dig a little deeper you will discover Cain trying to evade his own crimes in every instance against his brother Abel. Remember, Cain lied to God himself!

They are always 100% lies! The beginning of a confession in a rape-murder case begins with "Hey, first of all, she came onto me, man." Then a good detective knows that he only needs to get a little more detail to extract the confession. Psychopaths explain things differently when it comes to their own guilt. They were just minding their own business ... then they were forced to genocide an entire race. It was an accident and besides there are two sides to every story, you see? You have to listen to theirs to get to the truth. It was a very confusing situation, you see. You just keep nodding your head and eventually it will all come out. They pursued this race onto the Iberian Peninsula 40,000 years ago, outnumbering them a 1000-to-1, then they slaughtered all the men and ate them, after which they dragged off around a quarter of a million women for gang rape by the ruling families for the next 7000 years, during which some scientists believe that higher ranking savages only had Neanderthal women as trophy concubines. This epistemology is backed by the hard genetic science in every single detail.

It is my own personal digression that females resulting from these unions were recycled as camp whores and the male children became a subhuman caste of weapon making slaves who were required to cover themselves with black pitch. After many millennium, these slave castes revolted and escaped their bondage to become the Basque people and many other genetic lines in the Celtics. Today, when these genes are expressed very strongly such that they produce marked changes to the physiology of the entire body and the brain we call it "Asperger's Syndrome." These genes can express naturally or be triggered epigenetically by trauma.

  1. Bloch Mohyr (Before 12,000 B.C.) (Means "Tar Servants" in Pre-Gaelic tongue)
  2. Blochmohr (Circa 5,000 B.C. Sumerians)
  3. Blackmohr (One Millennium Prior Celtic)
  4. Blackmoore (400 years ago)
  5. Blakemore (My Last Name)

The "Paleo Venus" ... thought by anthropologists to represent some sort of exotic royal concubine / trophy wife.
If you had one or more of these in the Neolithic you were a very high ranking Cro-Magnon male.
The direct source of the genes for intelligence and reasoning in Homo Sapiens.
Daughters of the "Tuatha De Danann" in Celtic mythology.


cheddarman said...

The date for the butchering given by the article is 40,000 BC. What a remarkable coincidence!

Ron said...

" then they were forced to genocide an entire race. "

you don't fuckin say.

cheddarman said...


Cannibals eat their victim(s) in the mistaken belief that they will absorb the positive traits of the victim(s).

Ibn Nafis said...

"They pursued this race onto the Iberian Peninsula 40,000 years ago"

But did neanderthals go in North africa at some point man ? Do I have some chance atleast of having some thal genes or am I full nigger Cro-Mag

MycroftJones said...

A little offtopic: Eulogy for Pieter Hintjens. Founder of the ZeroMQ project is no longer among us. ZeroMQ is good; too bad the nanomsg project (in C) was abandoned for the mangos project (in Go); nanomsg was like a better ZeroMQ.

nfoe said...

The word "black" is related to "bleach", "blank", and "bleak".
According to OED: "In ME. it is often doubtful whether blac, blak, blake, means 'black, dark,' or 'pale, colourless, wan, livid.'"