Friday, December 23, 2016

Liberal Krapocalypse

Now they worry.

Do you know what I think?

I think they know that with their own quislings out of power and the soft kill options limited under a Trump Presidency ... the hard kill strikes are far, far more likely. Either way, the New World Order is not just packing up their tents after two centuries and going home good losers. Will never happen.

Despite a record drop in prepping orders worldwide after reaching a peak under Obama, Vault-Co is telling you the exact opposite of everybody else as usual ... there is no time better than the present to get ready. Trump has purchased time and forward planning is now a luxury that even the poorest man can afford. There is no better opportunity to pack your rice.


Kona Commuter said...

Tex - I know your catch phrase is "pack your rice". You know your stuff more than me.

However if you don't mind I would like to point my fellow Vault-Co fans towards Bison Prepper. He's angle is for those of us that aren't flush with funds.

Basic plan

Buy a grinder, buy wheat berries ($21 per 25kg), buy a firearm (single barrel shotgun if that's all you can afford), buy a water filter (instructions on how to get away cheaply) and a few others.

Seriously guys. Lord Bison provides a plan for us working poor to survive a year or two.

Adam Timbermann said...

I second a recommendation for James Dakin. "Lord Bison"

I have followed his blog for about 5 years now. Sometimes going off on tangents, but 99% of the time its an interesting read.

Low budget preps = better than nothing.
Upgrade as you can.

The vast majority of survivors after any global catastrophe are not going to be preppers. They will be the "lucky" ones who were at the right place when crap came to town. They will quickly die off or learn to function as versions of the modern view of "cavemen"

Mjoll said...

Thought you might like this. The guy in the video is trying to do survival aquaponics.