Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Do We Still Count As Crazy?

Vault-Co says it for twenty years, we're lunatics out of touch with reality.

Now the Pentagon admits it out loud.

Nobody has had any idea of what we were talking about the last two decades. We're crazy. America is #1 and her military is the most advanced on Earth. People like me would have a screw loose to suggest otherwise.

This is like a game of Chess. If you are sweating and realising you are in big trouble when you are down to a Queen and a pawn, you were probably asleep for most of the game. Good chess players don't find out they got owned when somebody announces "Checkmate." That's far too late to do you any good at all.

You need think tanks that employ weirdos like me to tell you these things twenty years in advance. Twenty years afterwards is hopeless, that is much too late.

What is missing at this stage is the critical mass of engineering culture and uber-nerds who could turn this all around and come out with the kind of weaponry China is fielding every day now. What is really disturbing is how much working hardware that the Chinese are producing that looks like it came off theoretical planning boards from the United States in the late 1970's. Those engineers retired and their plans went into mothballs. It is the Chinese who are launching the carbon-hulled hypersonic doomsday drones that could probably give the Empire in STAR WARS a serious run for the money. Meanwhile in America they are still getting ready to fight Hitler in 1939. Good luck with all that. Might as well be on horseback with a ceremonial sword for WW3.

The next war is going to be over quickly. It's the aftermath that is going to be the ordeal.


bicebicebice said...

"Meanwhile in America they are still getting ready to fight Hitler in 1939. Good luck with all that."

But Tex, Merkel is the modern Hitler, I think The Americanos can bomb her and her cohorts out of office in a week. The germans use painted black brooms in their war games. Please help us for the third time in almost exactly 100 years. Semper Fi.

Merry Christmas.

FrankNorman said...

This is strange news... Uncle Sam supposedly spends more on military R&D than the next few countries put together - so where's it all going?

Edward said...

The fabled black budget / secret space program?
You'd have to hope something like that actually exists, and it's not all just being frittered away on hookers and blow and #pizzagate.
They managed to make cool shit like the SR-71 blackbird back in the early '60s while keeping it pretty much under wraps. You'd think they could do a lot better with all the advances in materials science and computer control and simulation we have had since then, even if there isn't and new and exotic physics we don't officially know about yet.