Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump Town Is Boom Town

All reforms bring economic growth when they are real reforms.

After Trump drains the swamp, it is possible that the United States could re-emerge as the greatest economic power the world has ever known instead of just a festering corrupt oligarchy waiting to die.

Forest fires are healthy and natural. They clean out the dead wood and invigorate the forest. They burn out disease, fungus and contagious pestilence.

If Donald Trump puts half of D.C. in prison it would be the best thing to happen to America in over 200 years. The whole place needs a good airing and opening the curtains to get some sterilising sunlight in there. The current establishment has to go deep into jail for this to happen. Sorry but the organism has acquired so many parasites you have to almost kill it to cure it.

If this happens in a Trump presidency they might stand a chance of beating the Glubb limit. At worst it will simply buy more time for preppers and that's a very good thing as well.

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