Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today Is A Good Day - Is This Where We Start To Win?

The Death Kult that is destroying Western civilisation just had it's first big loss in decades.

Just once, it is nice to see nation wreckers smiling out of the other side of their face.

FIFTY YEARS they've been running it into the ground. FIFTY YEARS. This is the second setback they have ever had, they are not much good at losing. The first was when they elected Reagan.

It is great for survivalists. This may purchase a big window of time here. Everybody might have a vault before it is over and if everybody has a vault it makes World War III far less likely.

Trump is literally going to be like flushing Washington, D.C. with chlorine bleach. Everything is going to smell better and be a lot more sanitary when he is done cleaning it out.

Reform of any kind was so overdue it was reasonable to assume it would never happen before the end came for it. Turns out the West may still have some fight left in it.

The leftist tools remind me of the princess at the end of this one crying they have been abandoned. To Thulsa Doom (George Soros) these followers of theirs are just cattle they use as they see fit.


Takudzwa Aywok said...

I can smell the naive excitement.

I think that this is nothing to be merry about, just as expected. The US is entering a stage every dying civilization ended up entering and the aftermath will be ugly. All it means to me is that it's really, really time to hide now.

My view of things is that all of America is deeply permeated and rooted with shit and that makes it intuitive that it's very unlikely Trump is either genuinely a good guy or not a puppet or was not allowed by someone or a group of people in power to do what he's doing.

Haven't you talked about this before? When they are close to the end of their life cycle, civilizations go full imperium and then finally fall apart.

Palve said...

We dealt them a mighty blow today. Leftists are falling into pieces everywhere. If Trump really goes at it, maybe theres a slim chance he can rekindle the old American spirit? Remind mankind whats its capable of?

Texas Arcane said...


You're a goddamn Debby Downer.

Of course, I agree with everything you just wrote.

Kona Commuter said...

I read that theory years ago. Written by some white nationalist. He suggested four enclaves with whites to the North, Mexicans to the south, Asians & Blacks on different coasts.

I think that there may well be some merit in that

Texas Arcane said...


Thomas Chittum - "Civil War II"

Ave said...

Yes, civilisation is defined forst and foremost by its technology.

The Trump presidency is the period of time where most human jobs will be replaced by machines (AI, robots), and this is an unavoidable trend and everything is ready for it except the political framework - now this has been taken care of. Kind of like an negative copy of the Eisenhower years of full employment.

Social protections will be severely cut during the process, and the Democrats did their best in creating "Welfare Queens" monstruosities and Social Justice Warriors, Feminazis etc. which now everybody hates ( a big factor in this election).

It's all about culling excess population through misery, and Trump will be perfect for that role.

I also think the Democrats did a thorough job of inducing fear of WW3 with very little effort and investment (a few dickish speeches, a few troop movements etc.).

A bi-partisan system needs both sides to work, likes two legs are alternatively touching the ground (like that caricature on Zerohedge of a legged pyramid saying "left-right"). The Democrats made sure they could lose by choosing Hillary, just like the Republicans did eveything wrong with Mitt Romney on purpose the last time.

KW Jackson said...

He's not sworn in, yet, boys.